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If you’d asked me a quarter-century ago…

…if I would ever get tired of strippers, I’d have thought you crazy.  But it’s been true for a decade, plus now I am sick and tired of some of them. Yes, thanks to those troublesome b*****s I’ve spent the … Continue reading

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Ignorance IS bliss! This changes everything!

The less attention I give to society lately, the less unhappiness I feel.  Testing this phenomenon, of course, means that my blogging…er…did I mention that ignorance is bliss?! Oh, I did just order Season Two of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Tyrion, Giant of Lannister, returns!  I’m … Continue reading

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How about a good poet, instead of us?

So, finally checked out the Bad Poetry thread and yep, NSFW IFYWIMAITYD. And therefore, I’m cleansing the palate with a brief homage to one of my favorites, Ogden Nash.  He’s probably not news to any of you, but it’s possible … Continue reading

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Glock ‘n spiel.

Apologies for the lack of content (as usual, lately).  Haven’t been online much at all.  Can’t stand the news, or seeing Western culture disintegrate.  As I’ve said before, it’s like watching a glacier destroy a village.  You can’t believe it’s happening, … Continue reading

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