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Clone him!

One of my co-workers sent this vid:

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Finally helped “kickstart” something. Something vital.

Any of you donated to any Kickstarter projects yet?  Just did my first, for the sequel to… Planescape: Torment!  Wasn’t much of a risk on my part; their goal was $900K and they’re already at almost $2.5M (plus another 28 bucks).  The … Continue reading

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The government isn’t planning a coup against the government, Mr. Benko.

Just a reminder that the Ruling Class is both lawless and ruthless.  Well, lots of reminders.   It is utterly inconceivable that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is planning a coup d’etat against President Obama, and the Congress, to … Continue reading

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Gee, who could have foreseen this outcome?

Inconceivable!  There appears to have been scaremongering during the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  Rather than stand as a warning of the radiation danger posed by nuclear power, in other words, Fukushima has become a reminder that uninformed fears aren’t the same as … Continue reading

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I’d rather eat babies than get taken in by this joke!

BREAKING NEWS:  Ben Franklin is often credited (ie. blamed) for Daylight Savings Time.  Until this very moment I didn’t know he was writing satire at the time! Franklin, that silly fellow, is up in Founding Father heaven laughing his ass off that we took … Continue reading

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Hey, how’d your weekends go?  Mine, obviously, was spent away from the internet.  Watched season two of Game of Thrones.  It was very good, as expected.  But budget limitations were much more pronounced this go-round, most especially during the battles at … Continue reading

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Is it ever appropriate to use “appropriate” in place of “no”?

No. #EricHolderNeedsSurgicalRemovalOfHisVocalCords (That’s a…”hash tag”, right?  I just made my first hash tag?  Not that I have a Twitter account or anything, but putting that # in front takes care of all the technical stuff.  Right?)   

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{In loco parenthesis}

I suddenly realized that the lonely “{“ and “}” symbols get no use on my keyboard.  In fact, I don’t even remember the poor dears’ names!  Parentheses have always been the celebrity bookends, and I’m pretty sure the “[“’ is called a “bracket”.  … Continue reading

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Go Rand Paulie, go Rand Paulie go!

Okay, not following the news is becoming addicting.  However, an honest-to-goodness filibuster will never bother me.  And when the filibusterer is also in the right…as Rand Paul most certainly is…I can’t help but be cheered. Also, apparently I can’t help but add some commentary.  Dr. … Continue reading

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Things wormme Likes.

Since I’m not providing much content these days, how about some Internet Classic© links? I think the very first (intentionally) humorous site I ever browsed was…Real Ultimate Power!  Sweet.  Paradoxically, while the site is old enough to have its own driver’s license, the … Continue reading

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