What I was pondering, before Bill Gates started begging for euthanasia, was the concept  of General Welfare. 

The Fed runs out of spending money…yet again…on March 27th.  This is the latest of our  regularly scheduled crises, and the Ruling Class has noticed that America is getting a bit bored with having “EMERGENCY!” screamed in its face.  Thus, Obama’s now tacked the other direction with, “we’ve got another ten years, at least”.  This is nothing! 

He’s doing this because he picked America’s pocket only a few months ago and has no hope of grabbing trillions more.  Obama can’t get more money and can’t imagine spending cuts, so obviously debt has switched from treasonous to patriotic.  There is no Democratic alternative. 

They are trying to get more taxes by “eliminating loopholes and deductions”, and this might work because the Republican Party is stupid and cowardly.  The Dems point out that Republicans were trying to close tax loopholes only a few months ago.  They of course forget to mention that Republicans offered a simplified tax code in exchange for lower tax rates.

Bah, how can something so familiar and predictable keep being so sickening?  Apparently I am incapable of inuring myself to hypocrisy and tyranny.

How do you manage it, human beings?

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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1 Response to END RANT MODE.

  1. wdydfae says:

    You shouldn’t assume that because you’re a worme, we are human beings. I personally am a silverfish.

    As to how I manage it, I hang around in dark, dry, dusty crevices, scurry away when exposed with this weird wriggling motion that totally creeps people out, and leave behind this disgusting silverfish powder that gets shaken off by the scurrying away motion. In other words, I handle it the way any self-respecting silverfish handles anything.

    With that in mind, ruinous debt is not all bad. Ruinous debt means more ruined structures. And more ruined buildings mean more dark, dry, dusty crevices. For a silverfish, that’s like tropical paradise, man! Expanding exponentially!

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