Finally helped “kickstart” something. Something vital.

Any of you donated to any Kickstarter projects yet?  Just did my first, for the sequel to… Planescape: Torment!  Wasn’t much of a risk on my part; their goal was $900K and they’re already at almost $2.5M (plus another 28 bucks). 

The odds of financing a game as great as Torment?  Low.  But the odds of an excellent game?  Very darn good.  They picked a perfect bull’s-eye to aim for.

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3 Responses to Finally helped “kickstart” something. Something vital.

  1. Leopold says:

    I did the same for the very same reason. Through four computers and multiple drive swaps and O/S upgrades, P: T has never not been on my desktop since 1999.

    • wormme says:

      Wow. Impressive! I haven’t played it in so long, it’s probably time to do so again. It’s a perfect rebuttal to morons like Ebert who claim that games can’t be art.

      Although it was funny when I read Mr. Movie Critic Ebert’s decree. When films first came out, theater critics claimed that movies couldn’t be art. They were static, flat, always the same, no feedback with a live audience, etc. Heh heh.

      • Leopold says:

        That was one of the first games with any significant spoken dialog (at least so far as I knew). Now, I have always had a thing for Sheena Easton, but then I heard this newcomer voicing Fall-From-Grace and Deionarra (sp?). Wow! So was I introduced to the beauty of Jennifer Hale’s voice. Throw in John De Lancie, Tony Jay, Charlie Addler, Rob Paulson, and Mitch Pileggi and I was awestruck.

        I agree; that game is art in its concept, its writing, and its voice work. The music holds up as well.

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