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With all the troubles and angers floating around, I thought I’d post something I started awhile back and just finished: America at its root is an idea, one so simple that most people forget the actual source: That all are … Continue reading

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Obamacare footnotes

It will amaze you to learn that federal takeover of American health care is much more costly than originally claimed.  That makes no sense!  As Barack noted, it should “bend the cost curve downward” through increased efficiency. I think we … Continue reading

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Very beary.

Thank you, edohiguma, for the bear video.  It is indeed Ursine Zen.  I must also admit that part of me roars with laughter at the fate of “Grizzly Man” Timmy Treadwell and his poor moron girlfriend.  Which is why I can’t watch that documentary.   Schadenfreude does not bring out … Continue reading

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I think I have to remove our thoughts from all this doom and gloom for a bit. Have some bears in your face. Bears make everything better, scientific fact. And yes, Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man” is one of the best … Continue reading

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Oh, I accidentally solved a taxation problem…

…a few months back. What brought it to mind is all this SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) hoopla.  Here’s about the best summation I’ve seen, but buyer beware:  I’m not keeping up with the world … Continue reading

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Let my people go!

Our ways differ from yours.  Are you “civilized” people really willing to let Lyme’s Disease trot up to your kids in the parking lot?!  That guy should be getting a medal, not an arrest. Bah.

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Too much Monkey Business

I’m looking at the circus in the US and in the EU and I can think of only one thing. A certain Mr Presley had a fitting song for this. In fact, he clearly had a song for every situation, … Continue reading

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To Europe:

Wow, you’re suckers. (It’s not up to date but I thought it should be noted here.) “If the bank can’t do it, then we’ll talk to the shareholders and the bondholders, we’ll ask them to contribute in recapitalising the bank, … Continue reading

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These blog-free intervals are due solely to internet-free intervals.

Hope you guys are having fun, whether online or off!  Obviously I’ve been in the “off” position lately.  But I guess I can post yet another Hee Haw song that precisely describes the ol’ social life.

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There was a 1990’s version of ZOOM?!

Can’t tell, from the Instapundit link, whether he watched the 1970’s show or this 90’s one.  Knowing him, probably both.  Oh well.  It’s not like I remember anything from the first one, except part of the theme song.  I do … Continue reading

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