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Greetings to you, and an offensive proposition to an idiot celebrity!

Just dropped in to say “hi”, though I’ve nothing of value to post.  Right now society is just too sick to stand and too demented for parody. But I can offer a deal to Chris Rock.  Chris, don’t tell me … Continue reading

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That’s not racism.

Calling Ahmadinejad a monkey is specism, not racial bigotry. Anyway, what’s the big deal?  It’s not like monkeys have figured out how to sue people for slander.

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An analog week, so far.

Had a maintenance day at work, and tomorrow is all day training.  It is ridiculous that we radiological techs have to spend all day in class three or four times a year.  Other technical groups don’t have to, but…oh, radiation!  … Continue reading

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On this, Republicans and Democrats agree…

…Tea Parties are the devil. By all accounts, Karl Rove is an extremely nice and polite man.  Big whoop.  This is the wrong era to give a rat’s ass about superficial crap.  Like every other person who loathes America’s Tea … Continue reading

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Pardons, nightskyradio, and everyone have a Super day.

Two comments from a new account had been languishing in WordPress Purgatory.  So, apologies to nightskyradio.  Comments from now on should automatically be posted. The Superbowl is in about 4 1/2 hours, and our two chilis–hot and wimpy–are simmering in the … Continue reading

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I would be the greatest emperor ever right up until my assassination.

“He governs best who governs least,” the old adage goes.  Obvious, right?  But what is governing least?  Do you have the concept pared down to its absolute core?  If not, you would be a worse ruler than your host. Here … Continue reading

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