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Avenge…my liver!

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“Because I keep getting my own in a wad.”

Boom!  I just won today’s Internet.  Admit it.

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My last seven days condensed into five seconds:

Update:  I swear the gif was here earlier!  But it’s the first time I’m tried embedding that format.  Will try to fix it…manana…

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America has 236 years’ experience in “respecting regional differences”, Barack.

President Obama on Thursday sought to allay the fears of gun advocates by saying he’s not looking to ban handguns and would pursue controls that were “respectful of regional differences.” This is, for America, a quantum leap leftward in political … Continue reading

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I kiss you now!

You should never have come here on Valentine’s Day if you didn’t want slobber.  Mmmmmwhah! Having one reader is like having a warm puppy.   But three? There’s so much to share with you.  The most important being…that blogging is sooo…exhausting…

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One million disintegrations per minute!

Actually 1.1 million, on my hottest LAS (large area smear) during today’s work in a Radiation/Contamination Area.  That’s a lot, right?  As usual, the answer is, “yes and no”.  Yes, if you ate that smear we’d have slightly heightened concerns … Continue reading

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Dog bites man!

I’d forgotten about their hyperventilating, but Taranto shares the media’s deep, ever-abiding worry over the welfare of Vatican City.  As always, they’re concerned the church might accidently choose a Pope who believes in Catholicism.

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My fellow Newmericans…

Remembered to bring in my weekend writing, but it’s too crazy at work to transcribe and post it.  Apparently customers don’t care if you’re severely understaffed.  I would curse them mightily, if only I wasn’t exactly that sort of customer … Continue reading

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Cybercervic and broncostrepmonia.

We are scrambling around here at work lately, operating at 60% of normal staffing.  One tech has been out due to cyborg neck implants.  You’d think they’d give him the ability to turn his head like an owl or Linda … Continue reading

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Zeusaphone rendition of “Sweet Home”.

A bit piercing for my tinnitus-ridden ears, but still…

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