Congratulations, SNL: you have offended me greatly.

Djesus UncrossedReally?  Sure, if Christopher Waltz is your guest host, naturally you want a skit riffing on Django Unchained.  So you decide to have the Lamb of God go on a killing spree?  Ooooh…edgy.  Yawn.  But then you went and did it as a movie trailer?  That is…you…(SPUTTERING WITH RAGE)…you talentless moron hacks

You are not hilarious, you are not comedic, and you are not funny.  You are not even the opposite of funny, because the opposite of funny is actually pretty darn funny.

You’re a dead thing, SNL, you just don’t know it.  There’s not one living cell of comedy left in your clammy corpse, please lie down and die or, failing to cease, at least stop with all the twitching and muttering. 

Why am I offended?  Because Saturday Night Live was once a peer of UHF.  But it isn’t now, it never will be again, and SNL’s corpse should never dare compare itself with UHF by doing something as inferior and derivative as “Djesus Uncrossed”.  As a movie trailer.

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7 Responses to Congratulations, SNL: you have offended me greatly.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    That is all

  2. wdydfae says:

    That scene kills me. It’s my favorite one except for the one with Pilate and his speech impediment and the centurions who can’t hold it together when Pilate talks about B****s D****s.

    They did a lot of things better in the 70s, including religious humor!

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