America has 236 years’ experience in “respecting regional differences”, Barack.

President Obama on Thursday sought to allay the fears of gun advocates by saying he’s not looking to ban handguns and would pursue controls that were “respectful of regional differences.”

This is, for America, a quantum leap leftward in political philosophy.  Yet no one else seems to have noticed.  Are you so burnt out by Obama’s pride and progressivism that you don’t see him assuming a fundamental question?  Let me remind you of who actually respects regional differences:  residents of different regions.

In America there’s even a word for it; we call those places “states”. 

Obama is “respectful” of regions but utterly dismisses their right to self-determination.  That’s ssuming “respectful” means “how much can I pry out of bitter clingers’ sweaty hands without an actual rebellion?”  Obviously a malevolent would-be American tyrant must pretend that there’s no 10th Amendmentbut how does he make the rest of you do it?

Recall a recent leftist mantra:  “States’ rights” is code for racism and slavery.  I know you’ve seen it.  I also bet you haven’t heard it in a few years.  You know why?  Because it worked.  “None of your damn business!” is now a taboo argument.  The Left slurred, slandered, and shamed its champions into silence.  And the Republican Party outdid itself in cowardice.  Along with its inevitable surrender, the GOP establishment joined Democrats in maligning the Tea Parties.  (In their defense, Beltway Republicans do hate limited government, just like Obama.)      

With “states’ rights” verboten, progressives have moved on to dismiss the very idea of “states”.  Nothing is more respectful of regional differences than Constitutional federalism; it permits gulfs as vast as that between Amish churches and San Francisco bathhouses.  But it’s also utterly intolerable to Barack and his fellow travelers because it happens beyond Leviathan’s reach.  They are fanatical monotheists and political jihadists.  There can be no independent states; there is but one State, and Marx is its prophet.

And you concede the legitimacy of their god every time you don’t ram their lies right back down their throats.   

So, Mr. President, the claim du jour is that the only limit on your power is “respect”?  In that case, Barry…with all due respect…you are a spoiled sniveling cowardly moron of a dictator and I am a freedom-loving American.  So of course you can take control of my life, as long as we settle this “the Old Navy Way” first.

What’s the Old Navy Way?  So glad you asked.

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6 Responses to America has 236 years’ experience in “respecting regional differences”, Barack.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    For a “constitutional scholar” he knows very little of how it works.

    The 2nd Amendment is very clear. It applies to all citizens and the territories of the US.

    Heck, people like Obama don’t even know what they’re trying to ban. Assault weapons don’t exist and the first “assault weapon ban” was primarily around how the weapon looked like rather than how it worked, which just shows how retarded these people are.

      • Edohiguma says:


        But you know what’s funny? Austria has not even 9 million inhabitants, but almost 3 million legal firearms. And that number is growing. Permits have more than doubled since the 90s (while violent crime with legal guns has dropped by more than 50%.) Rifles like the AR15 are perfectly legal, I tend to see them on the range since lots of enthusiasts buy them these days (same for different SIG models.) They’re not as popular as the semi-auto Steyr AUG, which is really the military-style semi-auto I see most of the time (simply because the vast majority of Austrian males are familiar with it, thanks to military conscription.)

        And yet… We have no mass shootings, no gang violence, no spree killings. We have gun grabbers, but the only gun debate we have is coming from some political parties wanting to make guns more accessible for law abiding citizens, which, in light of armed self defense cases having been through the roof for several years (thanks to the EU and the Schengen treaty) makes sense. Of course the well indoctrinated sheep counter that with “We don’t want it to be like in America”, which shows again that there’s nothing more ignorant, egoistic, intolerant, pretend-self-righteous and openly fascist (hiding it, of course, under the thin veil of anti-fascism) than a European liberal.

        • MG says:

          And of course the AR15 in the US is just like the AUG there. So many Americans were familiarized with it in Service (including when we had a draft previously) that they get what they’re familiar with.

          • Edohiguma says:

            Which makes absolute sense.

            Oh wait, we’re not allowed to make sense. We must rather join the hysterical hyperbole and the emotional whine. Silly me.

  2. MG says:

    On subject:
    I think they’re not talking about banning handguns because of the Illinois and Chicago rulings. They know the courts have turned them down there, so they won’t risk the same argument on the Federal level since a central ruling would have massive ramifications.
    With that said, I think they’re trying to massage the issue into being about a ‘different kind’ of gun that they think they can get past the courts. (WARNING WILL ROBINSON: “IN COMMON USE” IS A TRAP.)

    He has a political debt to pay to some supporters, arguing this issue is just that. I’m still not seeing any real dedication to the argument in an effective way from him. Something may happen, but I doubt it will have too much of his labor in it.

    As far as States Rights, I don’t like the term; not because of the past or anything, I just hate Government, at any level, having Rights. Privileges and Powers yes; Rights, hell no.

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