Dog bites man!

I’d forgotten about their hyperventilating, but Taranto shares the media’s deep, ever-abiding worry over the welfare of Vatican City.  As always, they’re concerned the church might accidently choose a Pope who believes in Catholicism.

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3 Responses to Dog bites man!

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Funny how this makes even top news. What will happen is that there will be another hardliner, another tool, just like the current one. Nothing will change. Another pope who’ll tell us to welcome fascist ideologies like islam into our midst, because it “brings god back into society”. At least that’s what the German bishops and cardinals tend to say, and they couldn’t do that if the #1 shepherd wouldn’t approve.

    New face, same old story.

    You should run for pope.

    Meanwhile the Northies have tested a nuke. Successfully. An event much more important and significant than a leadership change in one of, literally, thousands of religions worshiping, literally, millions of gods.

    There was a measured 5.2 artificial quake in North Korea, not even one kilometer underground. North Korea has now confirmed that they successfully tested a nuclear device. The UN is moaning, Obama already made a worthless comment. There will be more sanctions, more security council nonsense, but nothing will change.

    North Korea, the only openly national-socialist country (they’re not Stalinist, that’s a media lie, North Korea even has a blood & country ideology on par with Adolf’s) on the planet… has the bomb.

    That puts millions of people in danger, but the reply will be the usual. More sanctions, more stern letters. More rules, but nobody will ever enforce them.

    Now Iran will also learn from this. They will learn that they have nothing to fear with their program. Nobody will stop them.

    South Korea and Japan and the rest of Asia now need to realize the actual problem. Going nuclear is now a valid option for South Korea and Japan. North Korea managed to build a working device despite massive sanctions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more than one.

    That is a danger to the entire region and the only way to keep the Northies in check is a working deterrent, which means South Korean and Japanese missiles silos with nukes. At this point, with BHO as president (who can’t even be arsed to be present at the funeral of Chris Kyle), the US is no factor in that equation.

    Though, I have to admit one thing. I have to give it to the Northies for their timing. Obama is always going on about making the world nuclear bomb free and then the Northies spit in his face, knowing very well that nobody will do anything about it. Of course, he’ll be saying “thank you, can I have another?”

    • wormme says:

      Didn’t Benedict take the toughest stance toward Islamists in the modern era? Not that it was tough enough, of course, or that there have been that many popes in the past fifty years.

      And yep, about the Norks. South Korea and Japan should have their own nuclear defenses now, so of course my government will keep folding to N.K. andmake up for it by bad-mouthing S.K. and Nippon. Because duh.

      • Edohiguma says:

        He spoke against those in their islamic hell holes, as far as I remember, but I never heard him going at groups like the salafists in Germany, where they’re very active these days, especially with converts (like Pierre Vogel.)

        And yep, you’re right. I’m not even going to watch BHO’s State of the Union address. It’d just make me want to headbutt a kitten.

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