Cybercervic and broncostrepmonia.

We are scrambling around here at work lately, operating at 60% of normal staffing.  One tech has been out due to cyborg neck implants.  You’d think they’d give him the ability to turn his head like an owl or Linda Blair in The Exorcist.  Instead, they’re just restoring normal flexibility and ending his excruciating pain.  Bah.

I blame Obamacare.

Another tech was out Friday, and again today.  Turns out he has strep throat…and bronchitis…and upper respiratory pneumonia.  He called in earlier and I thought it was a prank call, or an actual serial killer.  “I’m one of you…” said the weirdo, in a soft sandpapery whisper.  Naturally I started mocking the creep, who turned out to be my deathly ill co-worker.

I’m probably never going to hear the end of this.

Oh, and while obviously we three remaining techs are busy, we’re also grateful not to be our co-workers.

I’d handwritten an essay (okay, okay, a diatribe) this weekend, for posting from work today.  But that plan involved me remembering to actually bring the writing, prior to any morning caffeine.  Obviously that was never going to work.

And anyway, the screed was a response to the latest cultural contempt for Christianity.  It’s not like you haven’t seen that here before.  But this time was different.  It’s by an author I’ve not only enjoyed reading, he and I exchanged a number of friendly emails a few years back.  And now this.  Hmmph.

I blame Obamacare.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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