On this, Republicans and Democrats agree…

…Tea Parties are the devil.

By all accounts, Karl Rove is an extremely nice and polite man.  Big whoop.  This is the wrong era to give a rat’s ass about superficial crap.  Like every other person who loathes America’s Tea Parties, Rove is a statist.  Should you and he differ on how you should live your life, he believes you must submit to him.  Should you fight back back against him, as the Tea Parties do?  Well…peasants are always revolting.

You know one reason why Karl “Christian” Rove doesn’t believe in God?  Deism requires a modicum of humility.  This isn’t to say that atheists (like edo) can’t be humble, or that believers can’t be as carnal and prideful as anyone else (90% of televangelists).  But when a man like Rove refuses to consider that he might be wrong about your life?  He’ll never find the divine because he already worships himself; Rove will have no other gods before him.

And again, notice who his Devil is.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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12 Responses to On this, Republicans and Democrats agree…

  1. Edohiguma says:

    1) I’m back

    2) of course they agree on that, it erodes their power

    You know me. I’ve been saying for a while now that yes, there is class warfare. The citizens vs the political class.

  2. Xpat says:


  3. wormme says:

    I know the third symbol is “Zorro”, or, rather, “Zorro!”, but am having trouble with the rest.

  4. Xpat says:

    お o
    か ka
    え e
    り ri
    な na
    さ sa
    い i
    江戸 Edo (Now Tokyo, capital of Japan in the Edo period)

    = Okaeri nasai Edo
    = [Oh Kye Ree Nah Sigh Eh Doe]
    = Welcome back, Edo

    • Edohiguma says:

      Kye? That’s interesting.

      I’d say it’s more like ka (the a as in “car”) and eh (like the Canadian stereotype “eh?”)

      • Xpat says:

        I swear, Edo, when I wrote that, half of me was saying, “Edo’s going to say the ‘Kye’ is wrong”!

        It was trying for rough equivalence.

        So, do you have any thought on thos f*****g Chinese p****s of s**t?

        • Edohiguma says:

          Well, they’re doing what fascists do: bully. On the long run I expect it to bite them in the butt, as it will alienate other Asian countries even more. Especially India and Vietnam already had bad experiences with China (two wars everyone seems to forget, both started by China.)

          But China’s aggression is losing steam. They have failed with everything so far and they can’t risk going hot. It doesn’t help them that the MSDF is highly professional about it and doesn’t eat their bait. China thought of a quick victory, they thought Japan would just give in and kowtow to them, but that hasn’t happened. Then the elections came, and the results there even surprised me, no doubt the Senkaku conflict playing the major role in it (despite leftist hacks like the JT trying to push nuclear power into the #1 spot.) Now China is upping the ante internationally, but as I said, they can’t risk going hot, which on a national level even the government agitators have become tired of beating their Nazi drums. Right now, if something happens, it will be their fault and all of Asia will know that. Meanwhile Japan is playing it cool. Time is on Japan’s side.

          The US government is completely useless in this, as expected.

          Of course, according to the Japan Times and that idiot Debito, PM Abe is the real danger and not China (which is by now tagging MSDF ships and helos with radar) or North Korea (supposedly doing another nuke test soon.) But hey, point that out and you get banned on the JT’s website, which just happened to me. Haha!

          The interesting thing in this whole conflict is how quick people are with gobbling up the crap sandwich thrown at them by a fascist tyranny (China) and how quick they are to dismiss the point of view from the democracy (Japan), and only because “But Japan invaded China 70 years ago laa dee daa!” The people who do this either come from the PC libtard crowd, like Debito, or they’re foreigners who have no friggin clue other than when some NY politicians start making bills over how evil Japan is for now apologizing enough about the comfort women and similar (and you don’t see them write similar bills for the US to finally at least admit that too many US soldiers during the occupation of Japan behaved like barbarians.)

          Basically, people are idiots.

          • Xpat says:

            Man, you really are back.

            I mean, technically I knew that, but it didn’t totally sink in.

            My take has been that China’s real purpose is to manipulate the rising discontent inside China itself. China seems just a hair’s breadth or two away from a massive uprising (or so I think). They (the govt.) keep using the Japan thing to try to get the people of China pissed at someone else besides themselves. I hope you’re right that it’s not working. I have a darker view that says that it’s in the Chinese government’s interest to ramp it up and even to start something, just to save themselves from the rising wrath of their own people. On the other hand, if they get their butts kicked by the Japan’s MSDF (Maritime Self-Defense Force for anyone else), then the Chinese people would be even more pissed at their own government. (Kind of like when Japan kicked Russia’s butt, helping to ignite the Russian Revolution?) Japanese people put up with a lot of s**t, but China’s kind of pushed it passed the point where the Japanese feel like they have to bite it down and be polite any longer. The dislike and distrust of China is pretty strong. Interesting that the Japanese don’t riot and trash Chinese businesses about it, though. That “kristallnacht” display got amazingly little criticism worldwide.

          • Edohiguma says:

            You have to consider this: China hasn’t won any war of significance against a foreign power in its entire history. They were always crushed, sometimes even occupied.

            The whole thing with the riots in China is interesting, because police never really does anything. Now if this was a pro-democracy riot, they’d put it down quickly. Those anti-Japanese riots are always ordered and approved by the politbureau. But even those riots have effectively stopped. Their government agitators clearly aren’t used to maintaining this for longer than a few weeks.

            I’m not surprised that the Japanese don’t riot. They don’t have the mentality for it. Look at history. The Japanese only riot when things are really, really, REALLY bad, like during the rice riots in 1918.

            The problem China has that, while they have a huge army, it’s pretty much worthless in large parts of Asia, because you need a good navy there and China doesn’t really have that. You can have 10 million men under arms, but they’re worthless if you can’t move them anywhere. Take their naval air power. It doesn’t exist and yet in the Pacific and its rim naval air power is vital. Their submarines are also not on par with US or Japanese boats. They have a big army, but nothing to move it. Japan, on the other hand, has a very good navy, and yes, I’m calling the MSDF a navy (how dare I!), with a long and extremely successful history. Not to mention that the Japanese military (doing it again!) has been training as combined forces for a while too, where all the branches work together. And if we go into logistics, which is usually the decisive point of large scale military engagements (the saying goes “amateurs discuss strategy, professionals discuss logistics”, after all an army marches on its stomach), then China stinks off like a little b*tch.

            In a one on one knife fight I don’t think the Chinese navy could stand up to the Japanese. They have more ships, sure, but they’re all inferior to the Japanese ships. And I’m somewhat convinced that the Japanese crews are better, too. Plus, nothing motivates a sailor or soldier better than defending his home. It trumps over party indoctrination every time, history proves it.

            If China lets this go hot, they will be in for a really bad surprise.

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