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Distractions are…er, sorry, what was that?

Got sandbagged late at work yesterday, so now am sitting on two mostly-written blog pieces that probably won’t ever be posted.  Not that the essays are topical, exactly, but lately my attention sp—oh look, a Prinny! Sorry.  Where was I?  … Continue reading

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If there is poetry in your soul…

…the following will make your eyes bleed.  BE WARNED! There once was a limerick writer, A bad-ass rhetorical fighter. Who, forsaking tradition, Risked classic Perdition, And scornful poets brighter, By making a sixth-line addition! Told you so.

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Metaphorical metatarsals!

Just had to circulate that newly-minted phrase.  “Metaphorical metatarsals“©®™  property of WormCo.!   Buy shares!  You know our motto:  At WormCo it’s always the “ground level“!  This new coinage was inspired by an essay-in-progress about the rhetorical competence of the anti-gun nuts.  Look at their aim, then where their rhetorical … Continue reading

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Congratulations, SNL: you have offended me greatly.

Djesus Uncrossed?  Really?  Sure, if Christopher Waltz is your guest host, naturally you want a skit riffing on Django Unchained.  So you decide to have the Lamb of God go on a killing spree?  Ooooh…edgy.  Yawn.  But then you went … Continue reading

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“Country” and “class” don’t mesh together without friction.

Heyyy!  Managed to balance two mountains of paperwork long enough to dive between them for a little break.  Highly recommended:  the latest essay from Angelo Codevilla, who should probably be America’s most important writer these days.  He popularized the term … Continue reading

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Suicide by hot pepper did not work, alas.

Day Eleven of Hostage Crisis:  Unexpected accelerator entry, and outdoors’ radiography with steadily dropping temperature.  Am so, so tired of my workplace.  Will not be back online tonight.  I may even be hallucinating; could swear I saw xpat arguing with himself in the … Continue reading

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Help! I am being held prisoner in a neutron factory!

It is now Day Ten of “Techs Held Hostage”.  This message was written furtively; there’s a 50-50 chance that Warden Schrödinger is watching.  Rumor has it that he has attached a cyanide bomb to one of the quintillions of radioactive … Continue reading

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I broke my promise to you, but what can you expect from someone crazier than Walter Kovacs?

It was promised that my previous argument would be better than D’Souza’s in his upcoming debate.  I merely equaled his performance-to-come.   Apologies.    The irrefutable argument that Christianity has been “good for Mankind” is two questions:  1) who gets to … Continue reading

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My stand on Christianity.

If when you say Christianity you mean paternalistic subjugation of women, and craven excuse for war, and the Inquisitive torture and mutilation of Jews and nonbelievers, then certainly I am against it. But if when you say Christianity you mean … Continue reading

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Bah. Edo and I give you a better show every month.

Oooh, a real, live, formal debate?  I thought those went out with spats and monocles. Christianity:  “Good or Bad for Mankind.”?  The event flogger, The Objective Standard, claims “this intellectual confrontation is guaranteed to set a new standard on the … Continue reading

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