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Distractions are…er, sorry, what was that?

Got sandbagged late at work yesterday, so now am sitting on two mostly-written blog pieces that probably won’t ever be posted.  Not that the essays are topical, exactly, but lately my attention sp—oh look, a Prinny! Sorry.  Where was I?  … Continue reading

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If there is poetry in your soul…

…the following will make your eyes bleed.  BE WARNED! There once was a limerick writer, A bad-ass rhetorical fighter. Who, forsaking tradition, Risked classic Perdition, And scornful poets brighter, By making a sixth-line addition! Told you so.

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Metaphorical metatarsals!

Just had to circulate that newly-minted phrase.  “Metaphorical metatarsals“©®™  property of WormCo.!   Buy shares!  You know our motto:  At WormCo it’s always the “ground level“!  This new coinage was inspired by an essay-in-progress about the rhetorical competence of the anti-gun nuts.  Look at their aim, then where their rhetorical … Continue reading

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Congratulations, SNL: you have offended me greatly.

Djesus Uncrossed?  Really?  Sure, if Christopher Waltz is your guest host, naturally you want a skit riffing on Django Unchained.  So you decide to have the Lamb of God go on a killing spree?  Ooooh…edgy.  Yawn.  But then you went … Continue reading

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“Country” and “class” don’t mesh together without friction.

Heyyy!  Managed to balance two mountains of paperwork long enough to dive between them for a little break.  Highly recommended:  the latest essay from Angelo Codevilla, who should probably be America’s most important writer these days.  He popularized the term … Continue reading

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Suicide by hot pepper did not work, alas.

Day Eleven of Hostage Crisis:  Unexpected accelerator entry, and outdoors’ radiography with steadily dropping temperature.  Am so, so tired of my workplace.  Will not be back online tonight.  I may even be hallucinating; could swear I saw xpat arguing with himself in the … Continue reading

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Help! I am being held prisoner in a neutron factory!

It is now Day Ten of “Techs Held Hostage”.  This message was written furtively; there’s a 50-50 chance that Warden Schrödinger is watching.  Rumor has it that he has attached a cyanide bomb to one of the quintillions of radioactive … Continue reading

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