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Apologies to xpat’s football befuddlement.

Haven’t been checking the comments carefully enough, because there have been so few lately.  Of course that “because” is unfair, since one reason that remarks have dwindled is that they weren’t read and responded to in a timely fashion.  Slow, … Continue reading

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Obama is right!

“You don’t go out to dinner and then eat all you want and then leave without paying the check.” You know what else you can’t do in a restaurant, Barack?  You can’t say “put it on my tab” forever without … Continue reading

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The previous post focused on rights and needs.  Morgan claimed that Americans have no right to rifles because they have no need of them.  Shapiro should have challenged that evil argument.  Instead, he said that our right stems from the … Continue reading

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On Rights and Needs.

Ben Shapiro is a good, thoughtful writer who, by consensus, just clobbered Piers Morgan.  I can’t stand to watch or listen to leftists, so had to wait for the transcript to judge his performance personally.  The text is here. Shapiro was certainly fearless, and his defense of liberty … Continue reading

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Let’s grab the right guns first, people.

Dear Fellow Progressives, The reason we’re not getting any traction on gun control is because you guys are aiming at the wrong target.  Maybe we can disarm the entire public, eventually.  But most Americans own firearms to protect their families.  … Continue reading

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(Part One is here.) The great failing of post-WWII Americans was as parents.  They spoiled their children.  After the Axis horrors they witnessed and conquered, no one blames them.  But by “sparing the rod” they cursed America with the Greediest … Continue reading

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Short-handed and super busy at work.

Hoped to blog some more Baby Boomer disrespect today, but apparently our cutting-edge science facility is…haunted.  Jesus cast demons into swine, and it does seem like something suddenly possessed our H.O.G.S.  (Hot Off-Gas System)

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The debt ceiling “debate” will be uglier than ever and fiscal conservatism will cave as always under relentless social and emotional extortion.  This will continue until the sheer weight of debt breaks the economy’s back.  It’s inevitable.  There’s nothing in … Continue reading

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It takes a (Potemkin) village.


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About the long absence…

…a bunch of factors are involved:  health, distractions, laziness, football bowl season.  But the main reason is probably my ever-growing disgust with our “culture” and its self-proclaimed mavens.  Watching society’s mortification and making quips about the rot briefly lost its appeal. Of course you’ll glance back at the previous … Continue reading

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