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Pining for the fjords.

Not quite dead yet.  But the weekend’s tone was set by yet another sadistic sleepover.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get used to sleeping in a C-PAP. Apart from that?  Went on a reading bender.  Four novels since … Continue reading

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Requiescat in pace, Pauline Phillips

Ms. Phillips was 95 years old at her death.  You may know her by another name.

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Busy at work, dismayed by society, awed by human deceit.

It’s been another of those job-packed yet short-staffed weeks.  The work day certainly goes by fast. Have been more-or-less following current events, but probably wouldn’t be posting on them even if I had the mental energy to come up with something thoughtful.  … Continue reading

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Apologies to xpat’s football befuddlement.

Haven’t been checking the comments carefully enough, because there have been so few lately.  Of course that “because” is unfair, since one reason that remarks have dwindled is that they weren’t read and responded to in a timely fashion.  Slow, … Continue reading

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Obama is right!

“You don’t go out to dinner and then eat all you want and then leave without paying the check.” You know what else you can’t do in a restaurant, Barack?  You can’t say “put it on my tab” forever without … Continue reading

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The previous post focused on rights and needs.  Morgan claimed that Americans have no right to rifles because they have no need of them.  Shapiro should have challenged that evil argument.  Instead, he said that our right stems from the … Continue reading

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On Rights and Needs.

Ben Shapiro is a good, thoughtful writer who, by consensus, just clobbered Piers Morgan.  I can’t stand to watch or listen to leftists, so had to wait for the transcript to judge his performance personally.  The text is here. Shapiro was certainly fearless, and his defense of liberty … Continue reading

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