Marco Rubio has jumped el tiburón, which hopefully will eat him.

Just another Beltway b**tard.  I’m done with him.

It’s not like I didn’t give him every chance.  And maybe he’s okay with the rule of law…after tribal loyalies is respected.  Which means Marco Rubio is opposed to the rule of law.

By “tribe” I don’t mean necessarily mean his Hispanic ancestry.  He may have joined the malevolent We’re-the-Ruling-Class-and-we-know-best tribe, or perhaps has long belonged to the pathetic We’ll-say-or-do-anything-to-be-liked people.  I had my worries shortly after he got to Washington and quickly turned authoritarian on a communications bill (maybe this one, can’t exactly remember.  UPDATE–That’s right, it was SOPA.  And they’re trying again.)  He abandoned it just as quickly after an uproar from perceptive Tea Partyers and free Americans.  You remember them…the folks who elected Marco Rubio.

But of course he’s breathing D.C. air now.  A few decades of inhaling that insulated, privileged, self-righteous atmosphere turned John McCain from an iron-willed American hero into a pusillanimous foe of the First Amendment.  It’s only taken Rubio a few months.

And claiming that this blatantly obvious amnesty program isn’t amnesty makes him and his minions just boring liars.  And “enforcement later”?   Maybe Marco lied about his age and he’s really 25 years old.  Therefore he’s unaware that history did not begin in 1987.

Plus, of course, he’s an idiot.  Does he think newly legalized scofflaws will be voting Republican?

Now for my personal enmity:  the German Science Babe loves America and would love to get her green card.  Possibly even seek citizenship.  She has a PhD and is a productive researcher; good neighbor; equine philanthropist.  Also a ‘Bama football fan, though I realize that isn’t an automatic qualifier for all of you.  But her enthusiasm for discharging firearms probably is.

So why isn’t she joining the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?  She can’t get her green card.  No, that’s not quite right; she can’t even get started on the paperwork to her green card.

Why?  Apparently she can’t start the naturalization process unless she can prove that her current job can’t even be theoretically done by an existing citizen.

The GSB can’t get a foot in the door but Marco Rubio wants to kill the fatted calf for every foreign, felonious, drug-dealing barrio gang banger who can lie about what he’s been doing here these past years.

Screw you, Marco Rubio.  Maybe one reason I’m so mad is because I actually believed the crap you spewed as you weaseled your way into Congressional paydirt.

Well, congratulations; you fit right in.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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