“The Delmont 88 should have been buoyant, Your Honor!”

Democrats want gun manufacturers held responsible for misuse of their products.

I agree, but we shouldn’t stop there.  Remember how (Democratic) Congressman Moran’s son suffered the indignity of probation after one measly assault?

…she was hurt when one of her high heels gave out and she fell into a trash can.

Obviously Choo and Witt are the responsible parties here.  And suppose Moran’s girlfriend had suffered serious injury, instead of a mere skull fracture?  Should cobblers and sanitation engineers be allowed to get away with murder?

Likewise, clothiers must either make completely non-absorbent dresses or take responsibility for perjury.  And here, watch this video:

Try to argue that the tent manufacturer isn’t liable for damages.  Do we want an America where corrupt corporations reap profits from shoddy, non-mob-proofed tents?!  Plutocrats deserve nothing but this…


…followed by a lawsuit for bruising our knuckles.

And finally, consider the immense and unjust suffering of the Lion of the Senate.   “Chappaquiddick” wouldn’t be a stale joke if Oldsmobile had made something besides deathtraps. What engineering Einstein assumed that a Kennedy wouldn’t drunk-drive-dive into the ocean?

Try to imagine the torment Oldsmobile inflicted in Teddy’s life.  The votes he lost which, while never electorally significant, still had to sting.  His immense loss of self-esteem, manifested in currying sexual favor for Chris Dodd (shudder) and making waitress sandwiches.  And, of course, the vile mockery from so-called wits who learned that the Senator named his dog “Splash”.

But most of all…remember that if his Delmont 88 had only floated, Ted Kennedy would have been elected our Bicentennial President.  What price can you put on that?

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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