The previous post focused on rights and needs.  Morgan claimed that Americans have no right to rifles because they have no need of them.  Shapiro should have challenged that evil argument.  Instead, he said that our right stems from the need to oppose tyranny.

Morgan kept hectoring him with “What tyranny?  What tyranny?”  I don’t want to be too hard on Ben Shapiro; after all, he’s only human.  But I would have countered by cramming both Morgan’s question and my answer down his throat.  What tyranny?

The tyranny of dictating “gun-free” zones for peasants while demanding lifetime Secret Service protection for yourself.  The tyranny of “important” people knowingly breaking gun laws with impunity, while peons are prosecuted and persecuted for unknowingly breaking the very same laws.

That tyranny, Piers Morgan, you ignorant slut.  Which is also your tyranny.

Later on the program, once Shapiro was safely off camera, Morgan admitted: “In an ideal world, I’d have all guns gone, as we have in Britain…

Piers Morgan’s ideal world is the one ruled absolutely by Piers Morgan.  “What tyranny?” asks the would-be tyrant.  Why, the tyranny of sniveling, cowardly, lying, moron tin-pot  dictators dreaming an “ideal world”.  Duh.

Oh, and do please note the utter mental rot of the 21st Century leftist:  Morgan can’t speak truth even on the (very) rare occasions when he’s being honest.

…I’d have all guns gone…

They’re not gone, you moron twit, they’re illegal.  It’s true that gun ownership is punished so severely that Great Britain has only about 60 firearm murders each year.  But Morgan neglects to point out that in his “ideal world” America’s violence rate quadruples. You’ll be four times more likely to be mugged, gents.  Four times as many rapes, ladies.  Well, only if you’re of the peasantry, of course.  The Ruling Class will keep its Secret Service and NYPD and private security and private schools.

So won’t you please, for Piers Morgan’s peace of mind, voluntarily disarm yourselves?  How can he control your entire life if you peasants can effectively revolt?

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  1. Edohiguma says:

    Britain may “only” have 60 gun murders per year, but, given they have an effective gun ban (going so far as to even ban realistic looking toy guns), that number is ridiculously high (not even considering the simple fact that the UK is the world leader in violent crime overall.) Also consider this: Austria has roughly 30% of its people armed. Yes, we’re close to 3 million legally owned firearms in a population of not even 9 million and the number of permits is rising. And yet the legally owned handgun is the least used tool for violent crime. It barely registers and is usually used in murder-suicides (though some people have used easily available axes for that, too.) LEOs also don’t get shot at on a daily basis here, unlike in the UK.

    How odd is that?

    Oh and the evil looking “assault weapons”? Perfectly legal here. An AR15 is a semi-automatic rifle, thus it’s legal. I see those every now and then at the range. The AR platform, SIG models and, of course, the Steyr AUG are very popular among semi-auto enthusiasts here.

    And yet, despite evil looking “assault weapons” being legal, despite almost 3 million firearms, despite even active, uniformed militias (Tyrolean Riflemen)… no spree shootings in Austria.

    Isn’t that weird?

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