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The great failing of post-WWII Americans was as parents.  They spoiled their children.  After the Axis horrors they witnessed and conquered, no one blames them.  But by “sparing the rod” they cursed America with the Greediest Generation.

Addiction is at the very heart of the Baby Boomers.  They were coddled by parents and intoxicated by sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  They are willful and self-worshipping beyond all reason.  In their youth they knew that overthrowing tradition was right and good because they were smarter and better than their parents.  Now, in their twilight, they demand respect for their goodness and obedience to their rightful traditions.  They don’t see the irony because they are self-deluded addicts.

Nothing is less fulfilling than addiction.  That’s why the Boomers have abandoned so many things they once swore by.  They indulge their latest addictions while “recovering” from things that no tempt.

There are two types of recovering addicts:  those trying to free others, and those trying to deny freedom.  The Boomers are, of course, the second sort.  They preached “do your own thing” when young and poor and powerless.  But after they seized once-despised institutions, “do your own thing” because “We will make the life-and-death decisions about your health care.”  Young zealots who once shouted “Pigs!” and “Baby-killers” became middle-aged zealots who gag America with campus speech codes and “hate speech” crimes.  The Age of Aquarius dawned and its disciples label opponents as “anti-science”.

How do you reason with such people?  That’s simple.  Find a roomful of stoners or meth heads and engage them all in debate.  Take note of what works, because that will also work on Boomers.  Then share those notes with your dying civilization.

Until then, the only hope is to give the Greatest Generation a mulligan.  This will require two things:  1) an audio-visual record of present American “culture” (sexting, butt chugging, fatherless families, porn chic, Jersey Shore) and, 2) a time machine.  If post-WWII Americans could see the horrors that await a nation of spoiled children, they’d spank those brats like it was a Normandy invasion.  But until time travel, they will not ever have done this.

So there’s only one way to save America.  It is quite simple. We simultaneously confront fifty million life-long sociopaths and successfully intervene in their addictions.  Of course, unlike at a treatment center, it’s the addicts who control the grounds, facilities, resources, records, security systems, and armed guards.

Time machine, anyone?


(POST SCRIPT—Of course millions upon millions of “Baby Boomers” are freedom-loving Americans.  But it’s equally obvious that they were helpless to prevent post-modern narcissism from sweeping us back into pre-modern tyranny.)

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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4 Responses to THE ADDICTS.

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  2. I love generational stuff. The best part is beating up on Boomers, especially for a typically cynical Gen Xer raised by the Silent Generation. (I’ve noticed that most folks skip right over the Silent Gen, btw, seeming to prove the name appropriate.) The Silent Generation wasn’t old enough to fight in WWII, but they raised some of the Boomers, so they’ll need a mulligan too.

    Now those Millennials, don’t even get me started. I guess my kids are post-millennials, but I don’t know what they’ll be called. Ever noticed that generations insist on naming themselves? Xers were supposed to be “baby busters,” and millennials were supposed to be “generation Y.”

    Okay, enough rambling. All those aging Boomers are going to finish the job of bankrupting the nation in the next coupla decades, aren’t they?


    • wormme says:

      Yep to the bankruptcy.

      It seems that technically I’m a Baby Boomer, being born at the very end of 1962. But my parents were that “Silent Generation” and certainly had no interest in spoiling their children, unlike the war-weary Greatest Generation.

      • There are always exceptions to the rule. My oldest sister is your age, and technically a Boomer, but doesn’t fit the mold either. Being born too late to be spoiled by the Greatest Gen, I suspect you lot slipped thru the entitlement cracks.

        My step father in law is an early Boomer, but he was so busy fighting that war they were protesting, that he didn’t have time to feel entitled. Blessed to survive 2 tours.

        Many late Boomers and early Gen Xers were raised by Silent Gen, so we are probably a crucial strata of the conservative movement. (scary!) The later Gen Xers were raised by Boomers, who either taught their spawn How Not To Act, or successfully passed on the entitlement mentality.

        This leads us to the next lot, Millennials. They were raised by either Boomers or Gen Xers, neither of which are solid “no nonsense” generations like the Greatest or the Silent. So it make sense that common sense has gotten more uncommon.

        I’m sure wondering what will define the post-Millennials. Got some DNA at stake there, LOL.

        cheers my friend. Hope the CPAP treats you well.

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