Let’s grab the right guns first, people.

Dear Fellow Progressives,

The reason we’re not getting any traction on gun control is because you guys are aiming at the wrong target.  Maybe we can disarm the entire public, eventually.  But most Americans own firearms to protect their families.  Why on Earth would they disarm themselves before the government disarms the criminals and crazies?  (Pardon the non-PC word, but acronym addiction is my disability.)

This woman didn’t shoot a dangerous intruder five times because she’s a gun nut.  She did it out of fear for her children.  So before going after gun owners, let’s focus on the gun whores.


Mercenaries and security companies, campus “cops” and convention cops and mall cops and Halliburton “consultants”…they all use the 2nd Amendment to make money.  Repeat:  they’re using the 2nd Amendment to make money.  You guys yell at Wal-Mart shoppers and ignore Capitalist Killers who cash checks for packing heat.

OMGWTF is wrong with all of you?  You don’t ignore the One Percent and their gun-nut capitalist stooges while screaming insults at the proletariat.  Maybe public opinion isn’t going our way because America doesn’t like getting phlegm hawked in its face.

Just a thought.

How did you forget about all the professional gun nuts?  Did you confuse them with actual cops and soldiers?  Because that would be BAT-S**T INSANE.

I realize that some of us have very firm principles and don’t think the police should have weapons, eitherOthers have no comprehensible philosophy whatsoever.    But most of us aren’t anti-gun, because we’re fine with cops and okay…ish…with soldiers.  We’re fine because we know that cops and soldiers are public servants.  It’s why Big Government is always best; public service is obviously better than private profit.  So when did you get the idea that private security corporations are a public service?

(The words “private” and “corporation” should have been clues, yo.)

Why would the rich pay their fair share if they have private security?  Who cares if there’s a cop shortage when you have your own private “police”?  We let the fat-cats waste billions of dollars on non-government spending, and I can’t believe I have to point this out.  Just as I can’t believe you want to disarm the proletariat while leaving the bourgeoisie alone.  Am I the world’s last progressive?  What happened to you people?  You sold out, didn’t you?

You sold out.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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