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Marco Rubio has jumped el tiburón, which hopefully will eat him.

Just another Beltway b**tard.  I’m done with him. It’s not like I didn’t give him every chance.  And maybe he’s okay with the rule of law…after tribal loyalies is respected.  Which means Marco Rubio is opposed to the rule of law. … Continue reading

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Now if this Montanan also knew how to argue…

In comments, Billy mentioned that a real-live politician is proposing a variation of an old, old idea of mine.  Naturally, it’s doing as well as you’d expect from a rational idea. His latest proposal isn’t receiving a warm welcome. The House … Continue reading

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A word the Internet has never seen but has always needed!

I saw the teaser for this Radosh article; “A brave left-leaning historian challenges his ideological brethren.”  Enlightenment struck!  For leftists, shouldn’t the word be “idiotogical”?  Yes.  Yes it should.  It’s even fun to say.  Do it.  Do it, dang you! … Continue reading

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Where did all the good news go to die?

The current absence of good news and uplifting stories is just stunning to me.  I can’t think of any parallel.  Am I missing something here, or does it seem that way to you?  The Carter years and “stagflation” never soured the entire people to … Continue reading

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Give me that old time religion.

Moloch’s Children:  that’s the working title for a scary screenplay I considered doing.  And while I can be creepy as heck (ask any girl!), my intentional horror is nothing compared to modern “society”. Toure went on what he called an … Continue reading

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“The Delmont 88 should have been buoyant, Your Honor!”

Democrats want gun manufacturers held responsible for misuse of their products. I agree, but we shouldn’t stop there.  Remember how (Democratic) Congressman Moran’s son suffered the indignity of probation after one measly assault? …she was hurt when one of her … Continue reading

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Scalia gets a pass from me but will probably be decapitated in Obama’s name.

Awesome!  I want to be the first to point out that the Left will be throwing a lot of Mickey Mouse ears on that headwarmer, though. This news immediately caused me to confuse Thomas Beckett with Thomas More.  Why?  Because of confusing Barack … Continue reading

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Pining for the fjords.

Not quite dead yet.  But the weekend’s tone was set by yet another sadistic sleepover.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get used to sleeping in a C-PAP. Apart from that?  Went on a reading bender.  Four novels since … Continue reading

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Requiescat in pace, Pauline Phillips

Ms. Phillips was 95 years old at her death.  You may know her by another name.

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Busy at work, dismayed by society, awed by human deceit.

It’s been another of those job-packed yet short-staffed weeks.  The work day certainly goes by fast. Have been more-or-less following current events, but probably wouldn’t be posting on them even if I had the mental energy to come up with something thoughtful.  … Continue reading

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