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Sorry, been sick.

Both my brother and I have been fighting getting our butts kicked by a virus this week.  It’s as bad as ever right now, meaning there’s still days of it to go. I’m so addled and bug-ridden that my superhuman brain … Continue reading

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What the heck is the “n word”?

I learned two things yesterday.  First, that the movie Django Unchained uses the “n word” 109 times.  And second, that Matt Drudge is racist for reporting it.  The thing is…he never says the word!  How are we supposed to know … Continue reading

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Blogging will resume whenever conscious awareness does.

Hey, haven’t forgotten you, my peeps.  But man, what a work week.  I’ve been doing endless surveys and writeups on everchanging jobs and conditions.  Am spent, but have finally caught up on work! (And of course, during that very rejoicing, people came in for help in … Continue reading

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Crazy day at work.  The Polonium-210 job was just the icing on cake.  So, no idea what’s going on.  I assume the government “borrowed” another five billion, though.  That’s about fifty bucks per taxpayer. Each and every day.

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Yeah, I’d prefer a rain of frogs myself.

Via Insty, some hope from abroad. Also H/T to the originator, the templeofmut. Oh, this is Mut, BTW.  Obviously I’m not keen on paganism, but…ehhh.  You could do much worse.

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Peggy Noonan: America’s fair-weather friend.

I can’t really read Ms. Noonan’s work, but I often glance at her columns.  There’s a mystery about them that befuddles me:  who the heck is her audience?! Mr. Obama’s opening bid was a tough, brazen, angry move…That’s just a … Continue reading

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Apologies to mysterian, nontoxicmama…and dan.

Just now saw your comments held up for moderation.  Sorry for the delay!  You should be able to comment freely from now on, unless your remark contains multiple links. And I’ll be replying to you shortly.

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