“Shut up,” we explain.

Due to illness, haven’t kept up with the tsunami of evil rhetoric spewing nonstop ever since the Newtown atrocity.  But I’ve heard enough.  You do notice the glee mingled with the frothing hatred, right?  This is catnip to them.  They will always rejoice when children are murdered en masse by guns.  (Except when socialist government is doing the murdering, obviously.  That, they give the full Duranty.)

Never forget:  they seek to disarm us because they seek to enslave us.  They are statists, authoritarians, tyrants; they believe we are their destined footstools.  They, who shriek “Un-American!” at any defiance, are the very thing America was created to oppose.

They can’t share their real reason for hating an armed citizenry.  “We can’t lord it over you if you can resist us!”  And so they “argue” that banning firearms will save lives.  This contention is utterly destroyed by all logic, history, and human nature.  It is perfect, in a way:  it has never failed to be wrong.  Like leftists themselves, come to think of it.

This is why they take such joy in the murder of innocence.  Nothing else…nothing else…has any hope of making an otherwise sane America surrender the right to self-defense.  They believe–and here history and human nature are on their side–that people are broken by emotional extortion and social pressure.  And what better weapon than to equate us to slaughterers of children?

Are you conceding anything to them?  Anything at all?  Then it is working.  It’s only a matter of time until you wear the chains you yourself forge…slave.  We believe in the rule of law and they believe in the rule of them.  And so there is only one answer to their endless lies:

Repeal the Second Amendment or shut your damn mouths.

That’s it.  Certainly you can elaborate, if you wish to vent steam.  Just don’t ever let them get a word in edgewise.  Am I saying to shout them down?

I am saying to shout them down. 

They ignore the Second Amendment, you must show what happens when we ignore the First.  They are the traitors, not you; you have the right–no, you have the duty— to hold them to their own standards.

Repeal the Second Amendment or shut your damn mouths.

“Shut up,” you explain.  Remember that they’re not trying to seize our weapons; they haven’t the means nor the guts.  They demand that we disarm ourselvesThey are the American minority here, not us.   Don’t engage them.  They scream, “drop your evil weapons!”  You say, “shut your damn mouth.”

Well, you’re all better people than me.  So you might prefer this manner: “I know you don’t understand, but my being armed is good thing.  If I’d been packing heat at Newtown I’d have gunned down the murderer or died trying.  And so would millions of other Americans.  But we realize why you don’t get it.  Loud noises make you wet yourself, right?”

(Maybe you’d leave that last part out, but I would be very disappointed in you.)

“But I give my word, you cowardly leftist moron:  I will give up my guns right after you repeal the Second Amendment.  Obviously my life, fortune, and sacred honor will be spent in opposing that action.  But, if you can convince America to be that idiotic, I will respect your stupid, stupid decision.”

Okay, that approach might work better than telling the lefties to go shut themselves.  Let’s  acknowledge that we can be legally disarmed…after the Second Amendment is repealed.

What do you think?  Are you tired of being equated with insane child murderers?  Suppose we draw up a petition.  Or even a contract!  This document affirms our certainty that disarming the law-abiding is a really bad idea.  But it then also reaffirms that we law-abiding citizens are…well, law-abiding.   Thus we cannot in good conscience surrender our defense to the lawless.  So should the government and its minions forego the rule of law in favor of comparing us to homicidal maniacs?  There is only one moral reply.

Repeal the Second Amendment or shut your damn, stupid, cowardly, evil lying mouths.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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1 Response to “Shut up,” we explain.

  1. Dan says:

    Repeal the Second Amendment my ass…..doing so changes nothing.
    My rights are not granted or withdrawn by a government nor by words
    on paper. The Bill of Rights doesn’t give me my rights….they merely
    enumerate the rights I have because I am alive. As TL Davis puts it
    and does so very clearly…..”my rights are no less alienable than my

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