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Should Megan McArdle be forced to buy liability insurance for her speech?

Good grief. I’m on record as both 1) admiring Megan McArdle, and 2) advising you to always supplement her analyses with this: She’s highly intelligent, highly imaginative, highly principled…and highly credulous.  Her latest essay  is a perfect example of the quadfecta.  She lavished time, effort, and economic expertise on this:  … Continue reading

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The Best of British Ripostes.

Astor: Mr. Churchill, you are drunk! Churchill: Yes, and you, Madam, are ugly but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.   Morris: There’s a conspiracy against me, a conspiracy of silence; but what can one do? … Continue reading

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And is that a jot, Mr. Morgan, or a tittle?

Pitiful Piers now insists that bitter clingers amend their “inherently flawed” Bible.  That is truly hilarious in all respects save one.  Of course, that one is a doozy: For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews’ modest proposal…

…women should not be able to defend themselves against men.  It makes sense to me! Semi-automatics are an affront to both Darwin and dimorphism.  Think of the evolutionary chaos when firearms allow petite women to defeat burly males in physical combat.  Genes are … Continue reading

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I need one million employees to begin our national Physical Security Administration.

British twit Morgan and Australian cockie Murdoch both use this country’s First Amendment protections to amass wealth and to insult hosts who make use of the Second Amendment.  The (formerly) Aussie dill at least had the decency to become an … Continue reading

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Petition for Agreement Among all Americans on the Rule of Law.

Whereas we, the undersigned, are all owners of firearms or in agreement with such owners who profess the right to self-defense, and; Whereas we are weary of dealing with those who seek to deny us our self-defense, and are utterly … Continue reading

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“Shut up,” we explain.

Due to illness, haven’t kept up with the tsunami of evil rhetoric spewing nonstop ever since the Newtown atrocity.  But I’ve heard enough.  You do notice the glee mingled with the frothing hatred, right?  This is catnip to them.  They will always rejoice when children are murdered en … Continue reading

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Sorry, been sick.

Both my brother and I have been fighting getting our butts kicked by a virus this week.  It’s as bad as ever right now, meaning there’s still days of it to go. I’m so addled and bug-ridden that my superhuman brain … Continue reading

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What the heck is the “n word”?

I learned two things yesterday.  First, that the movie Django Unchained uses the “n word” 109 times.  And second, that Matt Drudge is racist for reporting it.  The thing is…he never says the word!  How are we supposed to know … Continue reading

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Blogging will resume whenever conscious awareness does.

Hey, haven’t forgotten you, my peeps.  But man, what a work week.  I’ve been doing endless surveys and writeups on everchanging jobs and conditions.  Am spent, but have finally caught up on work! (And of course, during that very rejoicing, people came in for help in … Continue reading

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