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To a Leftist, federalism IS secession.

Here’s the Blogfather’s USA Today article on the rash of secession demands.  And he makes obvious sense to any “American”-American: So what’s a solution? Let the central government do the things that only central governments can do — national defense, … Continue reading

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Howdy, strangers.

No civic comments currently, because I’m ignorant of current events.  Except that the two top-ranked college football teams lost tonight and ‘Bama might still be in the hunt for the national title.  Amazing! Also no civic comments because I’m so furious … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam, I’m your marriage counselor. You need to sit down.

Uncle, I know this is hard to hear, but…your federal “union” is so tormented that a million Americans want divorce.   Forgive my reflexive response: I’ve wanted this divorce for years, because my pain threshold is very low.  I just can’t … Continue reading

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Double wormme whammy.

O’bama won while ‘Bama lost.  Thus the sparse blogging; wild animals retreat to their lairs when sick or injured.  I’m sure I’ll be back, when the number of readers has halved yet again.  But for now, if I actually bothered … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between “price gougers” and Leviathan?

Oh, the usual one. Via Insty (actually guest blogger Ed Driscoll), Erika Johnson notes that the sun rises in the east.  Yes, it’s really that surprising.  Because the State of New Jersey is shocked, shocked I tell you, at the wickedness … Continue reading

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Another one jumps the whale*.

This site has mentioned Ann Coulter several times with qualified approval.  Yes, she gets far too vicious and catty at times.  But her research is solid, her reasoning is generally sound, and her insults are often witty.  So what happens when Coulter vomits up a … Continue reading

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My response to the election: multi-pronged apathy.

Noticed a slight uptick in views, realized that infrequent readers were probably wondering about my reaction to the latest episode of American Survivor:  Liberty Gets Voted Off The Island.  Well, my feelings about it are just like those for girls and foosball. But my reaction has … Continue reading

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