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Double wormme whammy.

O’bama won while ‘Bama lost.  Thus the sparse blogging; wild animals retreat to their lairs when sick or injured.  I’m sure I’ll be back, when the number of readers has halved yet again.  But for now, if I actually bothered … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between “price gougers” and Leviathan?

Oh, the usual one. Via Insty (actually guest blogger Ed Driscoll), Erika Johnson notes that the sun rises in the east.  Yes, it’s really that surprising.  Because the State of New Jersey is shocked, shocked I tell you, at the wickedness … Continue reading

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Another one jumps the whale*.

This site has mentioned Ann Coulter several times with qualified approval.  Yes, she gets far too vicious and catty at times.  But her research is solid, her reasoning is generally sound, and her insults are often witty.  So what happens when Coulter vomits up a … Continue reading

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My response to the election: multi-pronged apathy.

Noticed a slight uptick in views, realized that infrequent readers were probably wondering about my reaction to the latest episode of American Survivor:  Liberty Gets Voted Off The Island.  Well, my feelings about it are just like those for girls and foosball. But my reaction has … Continue reading

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Beautiful post on socializing entertainment and education.

Ha ha ha! We’ve made similar arguments here, natch.  The law profession always springs to my mind first, as it’s the one that forces “socialism” on on anyone else.  Litigate thyself, attorney! As an award-winner scriptwriter, the idea of socialized entertainment is less appealing to … Continue reading

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So apparently “revenge” has won.

It’s 11:25, media is starting to call it for Obama.  Romney’s winning the popular vote but the tyrants have the Electoral College. Oh well. What’s crossing my mind right now is, I’m glad I don’t have children. Again…oh well.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Patriotic voters: heed me, not Randy Barnett.

Glenn and Liz both found this Randy Barnett essay persuasive. The Libertarian Party’s effort will, if effective, attract more libertarian voters away from the candidate who is marginally less hostile to liberty, Really?  Support “the Lesser Evil”?  What can one say but, … Continue reading

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Saturday was scary; tomorrow ain’t nuthin’.

I’ve just now recovered from the most terrifying event of the year.  Happy ending, though! (NOTE–Amazing but true:  Brother, the German Science Babe, and I left the house to watch the game.  One of this site’s few readers invited us over for the ‘Bama/LSU … Continue reading

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Sorry, kid…

…those jobs are already taken by all the illegal immigrants.

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Occupy Marathon!

Dear filthy OWS anarcho-hippies:  seize this wicked “1%” New York Marathon, plunder its every resource, and carry the supplies over the waters to help the needy “99%”. Do this, and your previous Occupy sins and excesses are forgiven.  Well, not the rapes and assaults.  … Continue reading

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