To a Leftist, federalism IS secession.

Here’s the Blogfather’s USA Today article on the rash of secession demands.  And he makes obvious sense to any “American”-American:

So what’s a solution? Let the central government do the things that only central governments can do — national defense, regulation of trade to keep the provinces from engaging in economic warfare with one another, protection of basic civil rights — and then let the provinces go their own way in most other issues.

It’s a nice plan. Beats secession. Maybe we should give it another try.


Problem is, this a Catch-22.   Or maybe a Steve Martin routine.  We’ll all be tax-dodging millionaires before federalism returns to America.  At least as long as Democrats are permitted to vote.  Hell, it’d be a tough sell if Republicans could vote.

Remember, 27 states brought suit against Obamacare.  That would be 54% of federalism’s building blocks.  And though the Administration granted various waivers to politically-connected groups…not one state has been permitted escape.

That’s how much the Fed respects the idea of limited government.  And as for us proponents of limited government…we’re assured by our public “servants” that we’re racist sexist homophobic cancer-causing climate-wrecking bitter-clinging hate-mongers.

So I have no idea what Professor Reynolds expects this article to accomplish.  He’s preaching to two groups:  the converted and the uncomprehending.  If the Left could accept federalism we’d never have gotten in this mess in the first place.  Again, to them, federalism is secession.  And that’s because both imply that progressives don’t know how to live our lives better than we do.  And that is a possibility they cannot acknowledge.

So I at least hope Insty got a nice paycheck.  Because that’s all the good that will come of this.

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    I’ve truly said that the very least , 2907990 times. SCK was in fact here

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