Another one jumps the whale*.

This site has mentioned Ann Coulter several times with qualified approval.  Yes, she gets far too vicious and catty at times.  But her research is solid, her reasoning is generally sound, and her insults are often witty.  So what happens when Coulter vomits up a shameless, humorless CYA?

You get this.  Cliff’s Notes:  “I’m never wrong about anything so this was the fault of everybody but me and Romney and Christie, the ‘conservative’ governor who got Obama reelected so I’ll pretend that didn’t happen and instead blame Republicans who don’t throw the kind of parties I like.”

Bleh.  This was such a bad oyster of an essay, I’m done with her essays.  And that will free up about three minutes every Wednesday.  Hey, second-term Obama is oddly liberating! So…let me do some cypherin’…as long as his other policies cost me less than $75.00/year I’ll come out ahead!  And what could go wrong?

*Apologies for the unnecessary Chris Christie fat joke.  But I’m still waiting for him to beg forgiveness for sucking up to Obama and Springsteen.  “Conservative”, ha!  The only thing he conserves is adipose tissue.

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3 Responses to Another one jumps the whale*.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I did something weird.

    I took a deep breath and stepped back to look at it all from a distance.

    And honestly, I can’t blame Obama or any of the politicians. They’re not the source of the problem. They’re the symptom. Blaming Obama for the mess is like complaining about bleeding all over the floor after being shot in the gut.

    Yes, people like him exploit what people want. Yes, they cater to what people want. But… it ultimately lies with the voters. They are either too stupid to see, or outright refuse to see what’s going on. Or… they really want it to happen.

    I remember, Obama stood there in the 2008 campaign and talked about the “greater good”. My sirens went off. RED ALERT! (pun intended) Sure, he had the fancy rhetoric (that somebody else wrote for him, because he’s NOT a good speaker), but the message was there, open in plain view with nothing hiding it.

    I don’t like to compare Obama with Hitler like some do, because let’s face it, he’s not even remotely there. But there’s one thing that is exactly the same: Hitler’s message was in plain view from day one. He even wrote about it. His actions and words were clear. He repeated them for years and yet people still voted for him, put him into power. And not just the German people. Literally across the globe people ate Hitler’s crap sandwich, most famously Chamberlain and Daladier.


    Because he was such a powerful, charismatic speaker? Partly yes. But that’s too easy. They bought his crap because they believed it as well. There’s no way Adolf could have pulled it all off without millions believing it too.

    Same with Obama. He has his teach of coaches to make him look charismatic and powerful, he has his speech writers to make him look eloquent and smart. But the message is there. And people believe it. They want it.

    Well, either that or they’re really all retarded. Oh wait, I can’t say that, because that might get someone riled up (as seen with Coulter calling Obama a retard), for whatever odd reason. Okay, then they’re all stupid.

    It’s probably a combination of both. They’re so stupid that they want stuff like this to happen.

    As for Hitler, he didn’t invent anti-Semitism. He simply rode on the coattails and used it for his own advantage. Today the rabid left in the US and Europe blames the Jews for capitalism and all its perceived “evils”, like they’ve done it since 1848 (1914, for example, Karl Kautzky, chief ideologist of the German socialist party -still around, just calling themselves social democrats now, yes, the SPD- was dreaming of destroying capitalism by destroying the Jews.) But I can hear similar tones from the perceived right wing.

    Guess who, according to elements of the anti-EU “right” wing here, is responsible for the EUSSR?

    The rich Jews.

    Obama’s doing the same thing. Not the same extent, of course, but he’s doing it. He’s riding the jealousy, greed and envy of the people to get his advantage.

    He’s the symptom.

    If politics were an STD he’d be the rash you’d get, but not the syphilis ravaging your body.

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