Saturday was scary; tomorrow ain’t nuthin’.

I’ve just now recovered from the most terrifying event of the year.  Happy ending, though!

(NOTE–Amazing but true:  Brother, the German Science Babe, and I left the house to watch the game.  One of this site’s few readers invited us over for the ‘Bama/LSU matchup.  Even more amazingly…he’s an Auburn fan!  Salt of the earth, that one.)

And then tomorrow is Election Day.  Yawn.

There’s no tension in this event, unlike that nail-biter of a foosball game.  Because it doesn’t really matter who wins the American Presidency.  America will either continue its rapid  fragmentation under the malevolent statist, or will decay slightly less rapidly under the benevolent technocrat.

The only possible way to reverse course would be if Romney is a Tea Party radical pretending to Mormon moderation.  He’d have to gut the federal government of all non-essentials ASAP, and demand that the GOP House defund everything, including entire  departments, that isn’t mandatory.  And when all Democrats, half the Republicans, and every government dependent shrieks and screams, he and the rest of us mocks them without mercy or cease.

There will be no hope until seventy million would-be American tyrants all share this moment:

So it’s vote-and-forget:  I’ll help Mitt pad his margain-of-victory here, then concentrate on what’s important:  Saturday’s Roll Tide / Texas A&M game.

Also, we’ve started playing Minecraft again.  You’re on your own, kiddies.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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