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Have a Bitter Clinger Christmas!

A co-worker is pondering the final Christmas gifts for his eight-year-old.  He wants to supplement the main present with appropriate accessories.  And what’s the big ticket item?  A Crosman. Yes, that is indeed a BB gun.  (Sniff.)  What’s that?  No, … Continue reading

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wormme’s hiding

From the media   In the Minecraft   Wikipedia.   Burma Shave.

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My lender also threw in total enlightenment!

I just got back from seeing a specialist (sleep apnea and disorders) and refinancing my house at 2.5% fixed interest.   Which is the lowest rate any of the bank pros have ever heard of.

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What’s with all that “we” crap?

I’ve lost all interest in the public jabber.  I still take daily digital strolls past Instapundit, Drudge, PJMedia, RCP, and BOTW on weekdays.  Most days I stop by old haunts like aosHQ, hot air, NRO, etc. and still occasionally follow … Continue reading

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The Punishment of Wormme

Spent the last hour trying to write a post on…turned out it was futility.  The point was the uselessness of trying to reason with the Left.  Tried to embed wiki’s copy of The Punishment of Sisyphus in all its huge jpeg glory.  … Continue reading

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Happy Crass Materialism Eve!

Tomorrow is “Black Friday”, America’s biggest and busiest holiday.  Retailers compete in frantic despair whilst shoppers demand below-cost prices and swarm like locusts whenever a maddened merchant cracks and commits Suicide by Sale. It warms my very cockles, it does.  And if you don’t even have cockles on this fine Black … Continue reading

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They don’t think, I think.

Over at PJMedia, Michael Walsh is pretty good.  But the blurb claimed that he understands and explains the way the Left thinks.  That can’t be possible.  The Left doesn’t think. I don’t mean they can’t think, obviously.  Well, some of … Continue reading

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To a Leftist, federalism IS secession.

Here’s the Blogfather’s USA Today article on the rash of secession demands.  And he makes obvious sense to any “American”-American: So what’s a solution? Let the central government do the things that only central governments can do — national defense, … Continue reading

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Howdy, strangers.

No civic comments currently, because I’m ignorant of current events.  Except that the two top-ranked college football teams lost tonight and ‘Bama might still be in the hunt for the national title.  Amazing! Also no civic comments because I’m so furious … Continue reading

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Uncle Sam, I’m your marriage counselor. You need to sit down.

Uncle, I know this is hard to hear, but…your federal “union” is so tormented that a million Americans want divorce.   Forgive my reflexive response: I’ve wanted this divorce for years, because my pain threshold is very low.  I just can’t … Continue reading

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