Fair weather voters.

If Obama loses, obviously Sandy the Storm is to blame.  (And of course global warming is to blame for Sandy).

Certainly some parts of the Northeast will be in terrible shape even six days from now.  But no one who really wants to vote will be prevented from doing so.  Even if this happens, so what?

Like all leftist arguments, a Sandy Clause election either makes no sense or it disproves their other claims.  Is Obama going to lose New York State because of subway flooding?  No.  Was he going to win West Virginia’s coal miners if Sandy hadn’t impacted them?  Of course not.

But is it possible that he might lose a borderline state because of the storm? Sure, in theory.  But that would make Romney voters better citizens than Obama non-voters.

The Left loudly claims superiority, both mental and moral, over all others.  They “protest too much” because all evidence plus their very own arguments state otherwise.  They accuse themselves of laziness (“Sandy depressed our turnout”) and incompetence (“voter ID disproportionately affects minorities”) and lawless violence (“there’ll be rioting if Obama loses!”)

In addition to mentally crippling its drones, the Progressive Hive Mind also demolishes their emotional palette.  They are reduced to a binary “spectrum”:  whining and gloating.  If they’re not doing this:

Then they’re doing this:

While both are horrible to experience (or in my case, impossible) only one of them is
acceptable.  If leftists don’t bitch 100% of the time then tyranny is winning.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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