I disagree completely…

with this post.  Here, in its entirety:

A WISE READER CAUTIONS:  “If I may offer a word of caution: The Benghazi affair is dreadfully serious, but the charge of treason against the President is overboard and will backfire. I hope you will use your good offices to tamp this down and keep people focused on the real issue: Who Was In Charge That Night?  Wild talk about treason does not help.”

Wrong.  Completely wrong.  Truth is never “wild talk”, even if silence is often wiser than blurting something out.

This is not one of those occasions.  Rather than silencing the occasional “voice in the wilderness”, millions of freedom-loving Americans should shout “Treason” at the Left until their will breaks and they quit trying to enslave us.

PLEASE NOTE:  I’m not accusing anyone of being intelligent enough to know he’s a traitor and tyrant.  Also, I’m sincerely trying to cultivate my Lord’s attitude toward these would-be enslavers.

That said, I’m also not willing to pretend that treason isn’t treason.  And even if most statists/progressives/Democrats aren’t technically traitors, every last American leftist is a philosophical traitor.  Why?  Here’s your cluebat.

Does that  need emphasis?  Fine, no problem.

Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness…

So I ask Glenn’s polite reader, Glenn, and all of you these questions:  how is your civil discourse with Obama & Co. working so far?

Further:  politeness has not deterred tyrants once and and has never, ever worked, not a single time in all recorded history…so why do you think it will work now?

For the ad nauseum-eth time, people:  when it comes to politics and government our leftist brothers and sisters are not human beings.  Think of them as animals, think of them as the Walking Dead, or best of all think of them as pre-rational children.  But stop pretending they are rational adults.

Do you try to reason with a mule?  Not if you’re sane, you don’t.  You either leave it alone or hit it with a two-by four until breaking its will.

Well, the Left will never leave us alone until we make them stop.  You go ahead and try reasoning with it; I’m hitting it as hard as I can.  And if you guys would stop ankle-grabbing your allies and start punchin’ your foes instead, we’d shortly usher in The Unprecedented Era of Freedom.

I’m guessing we could do it by 3:59 P.M., 12-21-2012, because my loving Lord also has a sense of humor.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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3 Responses to I disagree completely…

  1. Edohiguma says:

    It’s also wrong in regards to the “real issue”. Who was in charge that night? Obama. He is commander in chief. It’s his duty to be there when something like that happens. On a ship, for example, the captain is in charge. If something happens while the captain is asleep, they wake him up and he takes command.

    But if treason is too hefty a charge… How about murder?

    • wormme says:

      Also a true charge, although I wouldn’t accuse him of murder for the Libyan deaths. He’s a murderer for targeting and killing suspected American terrorists. And I’ll call him that right to his face until he convinces me that he is ignorant of the phrase “due process”.

      Of course, who could expect a law professor to be familiar with that concept?

      Also, I prefer “serial killer” to murderer, since it is also true and conveys more information.

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