He’s all yours, world

Non-Americans are very keen on America re-electing Obama.  There are nine countries that approve of Barack at over 60%.  Awwww.  Well then…take him!  I’d love to see The One do for your country what he’s done for mine.

Us being such friends and all, and so concerned about each other’s welfare.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to He’s all yours, world

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Goes hand in hand with massive anti-Romney propaganda. Bush, Palin, Tea Party, Romney, all portrayed as some right wing extremists and Obama is the savior of everyone. The media here is beating the drum for Obama it’s insane. It’s almost as if he’s running for something here.

    • wormme says:

      I’d love love love for him to get an executive position with the U.N., after he gets tossed out of the Oval Office. But they wouldn’t be willing to cripple their own effectiveness. Just ours.

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