X-ray of wormme’s head shows nothing.

Title obviously stolen from the Master of Malaprops.

Anyway, I got nothin’.  Football Saturday lasted til 2 A.M. Sunday (rebroadcast of the Auburn/Vandy game).  That pretty much ensured a useless first day of the week.

Nothing’s changing the obvious situation:  if Obama wins we’re doomed and if Romney wins we are almost certainly doomed.   Hopefully later tonight the ‘Net will burst with reports of Debate #3 being an even worse butt-kicking than #1.

Then there’s this (lower-right corner of pic).  It rhymes with “coward”, BTW.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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2 Responses to X-ray of wormme’s head shows nothing.

  1. Edohiguma says:


    I will watch one football game this year. As in American football. Army vs Navy.


    But that doesn’t really count, does it? I mean, it’s college football, not the overblown professional stuff. Which is funny. It seems that the non-professional big events are more attractive to viewers on a rather global scale. I mean, the Koshien tournaments in Japan, which are highschool baseball tournaments, attract more viewers than major league. I guess it’s because the sport there is not yet corrupted by lust for money and ratings.

  2. wormme says:

    Yeah, it’s why I’ve lost interest in all pro events except the SuperBowl. And that’s for the party, not the game. Didn’t even watch the NCAA Final Four this year with Kentucky winning it.

    As far as college foosball, at least give the BCS Championship a chance if ‘Bama makes it back. The German Science Babe loves it!

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