K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Soldier.

This one does.  His points are all good-to-great; if our lousy-to-hopeless civilian commanders used them, our military would fill those murderous barbarians with the terror they should so rightfully feel.

And #2 is address something that offends me personally.

… if you choose to not play by our rules, then you get no respect from the Geneva Convention, and that is because the Geneva Convention says I don’t have to.

Amen!  Though I contend that G.C. signatories are morally required to treat such guys worse than “lawful” warriors.  Moral and mental idiots claim that summary force and disdain makes us “no better than them.”  Wrong.  Failure to treat guerrillas in accordance with their behavior effectively rewards such murderous behavior.

I’m opposed to the Geneva Convention because such accords will always hobble moral warriors while empowering the merciless ones.  But as long as we’re part of it we are morally obligated to grind the bastards down as much as it permits.

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3 Responses to K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple, Soldier.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    The current ROEs and the way the Convention of Geneva is interpreted to protect forces that don’t follow the convention and even the most basic laws of warfare has long since disgusted me. The troops can’t fight this war because they’re being weighed down by useless regulations, lying politicians and the whining media.

    I tend to say that today’s US of A could not win WW2 and I think I’m pretty right with that. Imagine the havoc modern US media would cause after Hamburg, Dresden. Kobe or Osaka. Or the chaos that would follow Normandy or Iwo Jima. The war would be declared lost.

    That is, if there would even be a war. I can see Obama, or any democrat and RINO, trying to appease imperial fascist Japan after Pearl Harbor. In fact, I doubt Pear Harbor would even have happened with those people in charge of America. There would not have been an oil embargo on Japan, which eventually forced imperial Japan to expand into the Pacific (while fighting in China, a war that kept binding about 1 million Japanese soldiers.) No, instead Obama would likely visit Japan and bow even lower to the emperor (yes, it’s possible to do that, he’d just have to go down on his knees. )

    Take a fitting historic example.

    I know from WW2 veterans that, when US forces entered a town, the first thing they did in Europe was to either secure or blast the church tower, because it was the #1 sniper spot for German forces. It was standard. Combat in towns usually extended into such buildings of worship as well. It was war. Today a US commander can’t call an air strike onto a mosque from where jihadis are trying to kill his men. No, he has to risk the lives of his men to flush them out basically hand to hand and all to not offend the muselmaniacs.

    What kind of warped horse manure is this?

    Or take a real example from A-stan. Remember a certain colonel named Klein? The man called an airstrike on a taliban hijacked fuel convoy. Standard practice is to actually zoom the targeted zone first to warn off any civilians (WTMF?!), which in this case wasn’t done. The birds dropped their eggs right onto the convoy in the first pass. Klein is a German officer. The media in Germany went literally apeshit. The left wing wanted to have him locked up for war crimes because his order hit “innocent” civilians.

    It’s like Vietnam all over again. The troops can’t fight the war properly, because of media, politicians and activists who support the enemy.

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