could have seen this coming?

Despite significant investment in wind and solar power Germany still faces an energy shortfall…


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  1. Edohiguma says:

    There was a time, when I was a kid, when we looked up to our northern neighbor. Today, in 2012, we in Austria generally just shake our heads at how stupid the Germans are these days.

    The entire country is nuclearphobic. And that is real phobia. The Germans are driven by an irrational fear concerning everything nuclear.

    • wormme says:

      I had expected France to toss up a few new nuke plants and make a killing by exporting electricity to the wind-und-solar Volk. But apparently anti-nukers are succeeding even there. What I don’t understand is, apparently the 2008 recession dented power revenues. That means that demand dropped and excess capacity should have increased. Did Europe really eliminate power plants faster than demand dropped during a recession?

      That would not be unintelligent, but anti-intelligent.

      • Edohiguma says:

        Yep, they did. The price will go up even more, it’s already expected to happen. Heck, my e-bill went up significantly in the past year. Our so called leaders are turning electricity from a commodity to a luxury. Perfect way to control our lives. Add some guilt mongering with “global warming” and “CO2 footprints” and bingo: dictatorship.

        I’m now convinced that the EU is the testbed for the UN, as I said earlier.

        The really insane thing is, we already know that “alternative” or “green” energy isn’t working. We’ve seen it in the UK in the winter of 2010/2011. The windfarms produced nothing and the UK had to buy power from France. If the weather says “no”, then we’re screwed. Sure, we can build backup systems, but those have to run all the time as well, since you can’t just start them up like the light in ones home. Plus we’d need massive upgrades in our power grids to run this, upgrades we don’t have.

        It’s funny though, I mean, we’re being told to stop “wasting” electricity by our so called leaders and “activists”, but at the same time we’re told to buy electric vehicles. Errrr… Okay?

        I’ve been pretty much saying this for a few years now. Heck, I’ve been telling Americans to get out of Europe while they still can, because what’s going to come won’t be pretty. That said, I think the US should also remove the troops from the EU. You don’t want your boys to be here when this ship finally sinks. You don’t want to get dragged into this.

        • wormme says:

          In hindsight, the U.S. should have gotten our troops out decades ago. The fall of the Soviets at the absolute latest. Nation-states that allow others to defend them will regress in maturity.

          And you’re right, I don’t want our guys there when the music stops and the chair-scrambling starts between a desperate Ruling Class and welfare addicts and radical Islam and resurgent nationalists.

          OTOH, it’s not like we’re on a different path. My country merely trails yours a little.

          • Edohiguma says:

            Yep, you’re slowly getting there. It’s staring in Japan too. They just did this: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20121016a2.html

            Sounds like a great idea, right? Then look at the arguments for it. Language barrier? If you get a visa past tourist I expect you to be at least on JLPT 3, otherwise, why do you bother to go there? Lack of information? Information exists, but getting it means getting off one’s ass and we can’t have that! Cultural differences? James Clavell, who was a POW in WW2 in Japanese hands, said it right in Shogun “In Japan there are only Japanese ways”.That means: ADAPT! Or GTFO!

            Last paragraph, though, takes the cake. I’ve heard that whine when they introduced the new registration system for foreigners. Some “activists” whined that it will leave illegal aliens out of the loop. WHAT THE MONKEY F!

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