Hard, necessary questions for freedom fighters.

“How little can I change society and still live with myself?”

Few could live in a society where children can be freely tortured and mutilated.  If I’m in Anchorage and you’re in Key West, it only means “road trip”.  And that voyage should be preceded by a Public Service Announcement:

We can’t police the world…but we are responsible for our own society.  This is why U.S. membership in the “United Nations” is appalling, disgusting, infuriating…in a word, evil.  It makes the United States…it makes me…part of U.N. “society”.  Ally of every Third World hell-hole state that does abuse and rape and enslave the weak.  If my choices were only between supporting the U.N. or executing its U.S. employees for treason…well…

…I would execute my fellow citizens for treason.

Given more than two choices?  Of course I prefer retirement, exile, what-have-you.  There are literally hundred of options better than killing spoiled, morally-challenged idiots.  But of those two extremes under consideration…there’s only one that I could stand.

What can you stand?  What can you not stand?  What so offends you that you would root it out and curse its name and kill it with fire rather than chance that someone might think you approve?

What do you hate so much that you would take from everyone the opportunity to do it?

For me there is one thing only:  the theft of choice.  Tyranny.  This is a rational and not an emotional position, so it’s easy to set up scenarios that make me look like a monster.  For example, suppose someone tells us about “Evolution Town”.

Evolution Town:  where any adult citizen can legally and sexually force himself (or herself) on any other citizen.

YOU:  RAPE CITY?!  I’m gonna be sick.

ME:  Is everyone free to leave at any time?

YOU:  What the hell kind of question is–

RAPE CITY EXPERT:  Of course everyone’s free to leave.

ME:  What about minors and visitors?

YOU:  What is wrong with you, man?!

RAPE CITY EXPERT:  Obviously children are untouchable under all circumstances and the death penalty is invoked for violations.  When minors come of age they can stay, or leave, just like any other adult.  Visitors wishing to become honorary citizens must sign appropriate waivers, undergo mental tests for competence and physical ones for STDs, provide proof of financial worth in the case of pregnancy, and so forth.

ME:  That is…amazingly reasonable.

YOU:  NO IT ISN’T.  It’s horrible

ME:  Of course it’s horrible; it’s just not unreasonable.  And much better than Code Duello.  I would ban that before banning Rape City.  People can fully recover from sexual assault even when it’s totally unexpected, as it isn’t in R.C.  They can’t recover from death.

YOU:  You are not of this earth.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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1 Response to Hard, necessary questions for freedom fighters.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’ve recently concluded that the EU is effectively the testbed for the UN to see how easily tyranny can be implemented by the rulers, how democracy can be slaughtered, how free speech can be butchered and how to make the people gobble up this crap sandwich and like it.

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