Meanwhile, great job in my absence!


Despite our hotel’s complementary USA Todays, I spent the week amazingly ignorant of current events.  It was sweeeeeeet.

But apparently you guys let things go to heck during my vacation.  Osama blamed the deaths of 9-11-01 on thousands of American troops stationed for years in Saudi Arabia.  Obama blames the deaths of 9-11-12 on a single citizen’s YouTube posting.  And yet it remains possible that Barack will win re-election.

This pretty much kills any urge to blog.  What’s worth saying, beyond “Getcher canned food and shotguns, stat!”?

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, great job in my absence!

  1. Edohiguma says:

    I’m currently more interested in the whole Senkaku affair than Obummer vs Mittens, though Mittens, in my book, is no very far in the lead.

    But anyway, especially the Chinese approach is getting more and more obvious and shows that the Beijing politbüro is directing it. None of these protests are spontaneous. In a country where no freedom exists there can’t be spontaneous protests. It’s not possible. If this was a protest against the fascist government in Beijing, well, then the ChiCom government would have cracked down on them already. No, this is happening with government approval.

    I’ve seen some Chinese actually taking it a step further and now demanding to “take back” Okinawa, which is classic as well. The same approach was used for Tibet. Today they claim that Tibet used to be part of China. Evidence? None. Same with Okinawa. When troops from the Satsuma daimyo finally invaded Okinawa those islands had been an independent kingdom for quite some time. Any claim from China, under historic scrutiny, is laughable at best.

    I’m also curious about those supposed 1,000 fishing boats heading for the Senkakus. Imagine that chaos if true. 1,000 boats with undisciplined and borderline hysteric Chinese nationalists. I hope the Japanese coast guard has enough S&R ships and helos ready, because with such a crowd I expect incidents. Collisions, crashes, boats running literally over each other, etc. Pure chaos. It’s not a navy, it’s civilians playing invasion fleet after hyped up with utterly insane nationalism, which, honestly, has started to border jingoism. Though, the mere idea of this flotilla does invoke images of the Mongol invasion fleets that struck Japan twice.

    Of course, all of this is possible because the politbüro in Beijing achieved something that makes every tinpot dictator on the planet drool. After the Tiananmen Massacre there was a shift in the country. The fascists in Beijing managed to place the government into a position synonymous with the country. So if I was to say “the Chinese government sucks” it would be the same as saying “China sucks” for the “patriots” in China (aka the properly brainwashed stormtrooping sheep.)

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