Killing your ICU caretaker isn’t technically suicide.

Via Insty, Paul Rahe writes about the Dem Party’s suicide.  That’s…almost right.  I think their current slogan of “Forward!” fooled him, as it’s the age-old motto of the Lemming Party.

Yes, the Donkeys hasten their demise, but not by intent.  The Hive Mind of the Left wants to rule forever with us as its docile slaves.  So they’d rather kill anything other than themselves.  And they’re doing it; they’re murdering their society.  They saw through the tree branch that supports their weight; they eat the hand that feeds them.

Here’s the definitive analogy.  A nation has only one relationship to its government:  host.  The government has only two possible relationships with its nation:  symbiote…or parasite.  If government’s fortunes wax and wane with the host’s, it is symbiotic and its workers are public servants.  But if it thrives and luxuriates as the country sickens and weakens…well…it’s ticks and leeches and mosquitos, oh my!  It is a Ruling Class.

There is one good thing about parasitic infestation:  the right response is always obvious.

So, then…what’s our current relationship to the government?  Everyone admits that the country is struggling, so the question is…what about the government?

What about the government?

So, Mr. Rahe is wrong.  Alas!  Oh, would that the Left was committing suicide rather than murdering its life-support system.  America wouldn’t live with progressive suicide.  It would thrive as never before!  Oh, the very thought of Democratic suicide moved my heart!  Not merely once, or twice, or even three times.

There was a fourth movement:

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