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Bless your heart, Peggy Noonan.

She IS a good writer.  But the fact remains:  she’s never used that talent to explain how Obama fooled her in the first place. Well, Pegs?  It’s not that McCain would have been a good President.  But he’d have been … Continue reading

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Why murder should always carry the harshest punishment.

Should convicted abusers of children under the age of 13 get a mandatory life sentence?  Apparently that proposal passed 83-12 and 31-8 in the Virginia House and Senate.  Does that seem like a good idea to you? Not to me.  … Continue reading

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Don’t think!

Jonah Goldberg is having a captioning contest here.  It’s of that new yet already classic Obama photo: Maybe you guys can come up with something, but it’s too late for me.  I am mentally paralyzed because of what instantly sprang into my head:

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Destroy “preachers turned politicians” with fire. Seriously, FIRE!

Todd Akin has one “major” defender.  Mike Huckabee.  A dim-witted snivelling ignorant self-worshipping piss-for-brains preacher-turned…”I’m A relevant Z-Lister! ” is Akin’s sole celebrity defender. Any reader here who heeds Mike Huckabee will be torched as all zombies must be.  I promise no joy at your … Continue reading

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Bail, bucket monkeys!

Those antisocial Germans! We’ve used the bailout analogy here before.  Perhaps we can explore it further to understand why Der Das Volk are such bastards. Let’s say the EU citizens are all in the same boat.  And it’s taking on … Continue reading

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Use your napkin!

It’s comforting to know that, for all our cultural differences, some things are universal.  Things like bad table manners among children.  When cannibal families have Southern food, mothers keep telling their kids, “wipe that grit-eating shin off your face!”

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John Stuart Mill is swooning in his grave.

Gasp! Did you get that? Democrats want the world to know they’re going to have women speaking at their convention, which is apparently considered some sort of accomplishment in DNC-land. Madness!  Thank goodness the GOP keeps its wimminfolk in the … Continue reading

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