Shoot straight with progressives…

…or prepare to shoot straight, literally.

Assuming I keep with the prayin’, go-for-the-jugular political posts will probably dwindle.  But no punches will be pulled when they happen.  And here’s why:  an important Insty post on progressive tolerance, and another from Twitchy.

You want to reason with that?

Once again:  you should never try to debate the Left.  It’s not just a mistake; it’s wrong.  It betrays you, me…and them.  It’s why this site only addresses the Left rhetorically or ironically.  An actual interaction would go:

Progressive:  “Rarrgh arrrgh RACISM!”

wormme:  “Robert Byrd and Mia Love.”


Progressive:  “I refuse to acknowledge your point.”

wormme:  “Then quit pretending to be a grownup, you spoiled idiot brat.”


wormme: “Touche’.”

It’s not just that reason and logic are ineffective against leftists.  It’s that they are weaknesses.  You don’t just appear weaker to those merciless insect eyes.  You are weakerThey’ve been beating decent, intelligent Americans for a century with ever-increasing lies and ad hominem attacks.  No wonder they abandoned reason entirely.

Well, okay, they also had to.  Due to the pesky evidence and history and stuff.  “We demand to do to you what we did to Detroit and the Soviet Union!”  “Kneel before your betters, theocrat scum!”  And even if you let them enslave you…dictatorship won’t fill the hole in their souls either.

And since they are, potentially, human beings, they deserve to have you destroy their every belief.

My imaginary conversation assumed that the progressives remain children.  Physically and chronologically mature but mentally and morally retarded.  Would you rather treat them as adults?  Ooooh…cheeky.  There’s only one right way to “debate” moral zombies.  It is The Shouted Rant of Righteous Fury.

Them:  “Arrrgh blarrgh racist-“

You:  “SILENCE YOUR LIES, VILE CURS!  You are every evil you claim to hate and I am The Kicker of Evil’s ASS!  Cringe, turn tail, or be BROKEN!”

Repeat that stuff, never letting them finish another word, until they turn tail or attack you en masse like the swarming insects they are.  Since each is a pathetic drone of the hive mind, you’ll rarely encounter them singly.  In sufficient numbers, the occasional maddened mob will find the courage to tear you to shreds.  This is counterproductive to our cause.

Thus I can’t recommend treating leftists like adults unless you’re only outnumbered 3 to 1.  (Bump that to 5 to 1 if Adam Baldwin is with you.)

But even without John Casey, you can run off a dozen zombies all by yourself.  Just find them flinging their filth from the edge of a Tea Party rally and unleash your Shouted Rant of Righteous Fury.   They will be as brave as the guy sitting in the chair.

“Wait,” you say.  “Isn’t Samuel L. Jackson a malevolent zombie?”  Certainly.  But notice that in reality he’s just a child whining to God to kill the scary men for him.  Pfft.  I can handle that.  Won’t even break a sweat as I turn him over to Adam Baldwin.

Finally…hey, leftists?  If you don’t want to be treated like rabid dogs, quit foaming at the mouth and biting the hand that feed them.  Otherwise someday the Yellow Dog Democrats will get the Yellow Dog Treatment.

And no freedom fighter will shed a tear.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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