Okay, this isn’t crazy…

…but British citizens who permit it are nuts.

Hospitals are to be encouraged by the government to sell their services abroad, setting up clinics with the famous NHS brand to pull in much-needed cash for the health service from overseas.

Because nothing says “capitalism” like the British National Health Service.

Government suggests service could learn from the lucrative success of US firms which have established themselves abroad

Yes.  Competing abroad.  Actually, nothing would be simpler than for the NHS to become a dynamo of capitalism. It just has to do one thing.

Imitate George Costanza.

NOTE–it was copying and pasting from that first link that started this nightmare.  And it’s even worse than this uniform default.  Block quoting something now defaults to text

this size

Fun, huh?  Also the “paragraph” drop down list now dehighlights the selected text when I try to bring order to even a tiny bit of chaos.

The sun can’t set on the British Empire fast enough to suit me now.  And to think I was trying to resume blogging more frequently…

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5 Responses to Okay, this isn’t crazy…

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Why would I buy a service from a company that is known to be utterly ineffective, useless, top heavy, overly expensive and incompetent?

    I’ve watched the NHS issues in the UK for some time. When I flew to London for 4 days in 2010 this mess prompted me to get a private medical travel insurance, just in case I have to go to hospital or see a doctor, because I didn’t want to deal with this awful pile of manure.

    Ok, I admit, I buy one of those whenever I travel outside of the country. I don’t want to rely on hoping that the other country accepts my Austrian insurance, I don’t want to leech off the tax payer and it’s really the responsible thing to do.

    • wormme says:

      So this is what a good world citizen looks like. That’s a sarcasm-free observation, BTW. I add that since text-speak can be glitchy.

      But don’t dismiss the possibility that foreign-NHS would be better than British-NHS. In fact, assuming they have to compete with other health-care providers, why expect anything else?

      • Edohiguma says:

        It’s possible, yes, but you have to consider this: it’s the UK cooking it up. It doesn’t get anymore PC, entitled, kowtowing to socialism than the UK (ok, NL, France and Germany are closely tied for second), even with Cameron in charge. But then again, Cameron is, in US terms, a RINO.

  2. SeanB says:

    Well, Netcare was caught doing it here, making a roaring profit from willing donor kidneys. Slight problem was the donors did not speaka da language, and the interpreter was part of the deal who paid for the kidney. 40 odd known.

    • wormme says:

      Didn’t know, thanks for the info. Black markets. Some are more offensive than others, and it’s why people should be able to sell their own (non-critical) organs legally. Let people donate them to specific individuals, like family members, or sell them in the market. I’ll try to sleep at night knowing we’ve put black market kidney harvesters out of business.

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