Since everyone else is giving Romney/Ryan advice…

…I’d like them to make some points, and keep making ’em.

“While campaigning for the Presidency, Mr. Obama said that debt taken on in the past eight years…four trillion dollars of it…was unpatriotic.  And so he promised to cut the federal deficit in half.”

“He didn’t do that.  Instead, he borrowed five trillion dollars in only four years.  I’m not saying President Obama is unpatriotic.  I’m saying he’s no good at managing the country’s finances.”

“And you may not know this, but America’s credit rating was downgraded after he increased our borrowing.  We lost our AAA rating for the first time in history.  And now we won’t regain trust until we get our budget back under control and keep it there.  Even more important, we can’t keep spending money we don’t have.  Because it is America’s children who will have to pay it back when they grow up.  They never asked to be put in debt and they didn’t even get a say in it.”

“If you don’t want America’s future to be one of poverty, you need to make me your President.”

Tighten the prose up, but hit those points every time.  In both the Presidential and the V.P. debates.  See how composed Barack can remain.  In addition to the self-incriminating quotes, make sure to know the dates and venues when he made those statements.  If (when) he lies about what he said, refresh his memory…and direct the viewers to the websites where you have video of Obama’s “unpatriotic” comment and the promise to halve the deficit.  Of course, this assumes that Romney intends to rein in the spending.

He’d better.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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