Why the Anglosphere will never be defeated by outsiders.

I’m on a Cracked kick.  Just read their 10 Most Insane Sports post, and noticed that 5 of the ten originated in Great Britain.  On a purely numerical basis, that’s…not very likely.

And that report also had a link to another Crazy Sports post…in which the Anglosphere is again over-represented.  And they don’t even get around to the good ol’ Irish Stand Down.

Why do native English speakers excel in insane competitions?  Because for centuries they’ve been more free to do so.  And it’s not that tyrants and megalomaniacs care about the health and safety of the participants.  Obviously.  No, it’s because so many of these “sports” are profoundly silly.  Silly and dangerous.  If crazed men will risk their lives in an impossible attempt to run down a wheel of cheese…what else might they challenge?  Any self-respecting tyrant has to quell that crap whenever it arises.

I’m not saying that native English speakers will always be in the catbird’s seat, of course.  We’re slipping back as I type this.  But we’re doing it to ourselves.

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8 Responses to Why the Anglosphere will never be defeated by outsiders.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    Or maybe it’s because while sitting on those islands, lacking a big fluctuation in the gene pool, they got a bit inbred? Or maybe the really crappy weather the islands tend to get hit with all the time made them come up with nonsense like this all the time because there wasn’t really anything else to do?

    Technically the credit for it all should go to the English anyway. After all they simply conquered Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

    And yes I’m back. I will do some reading-up later.

  2. Xpat says:

    Welcome back, Edo.

    How about them Nadeshikos, eh?

    I remembered you thought that kid Ashida Mana was a great actress as I started watching her in “Beautiful Rain.” She’s good but I think the drama itself is kind of maudlin. Maybe “Mother” set the bar too high.

  3. Edohiguma says:

    Also, thanks guys. And no, I haven’t seen even one second of the whole olympic nonsense. There’s nothing interesting happening. I managed to avoid it all, partly by getting dragged to overly fancy restaurants. Not really sure what’s worse.

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