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Yes, you can have a fabulous career in…Professional Fact-Checking!

(UPDATE: Celebrity endorsement!  By G.H. Reynolds, Law Professor and Renaissance-American extraordinaire!  This proves that Blog-U is fully accredited and not satiric or mocking or non-accredited.) Fact checking is the growth pundit sector in every media!  And here at “Blog U” … Continue reading

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Shoot straight with progressives…

…or prepare to shoot straight, literally. Assuming I keep with the prayin’, go-for-the-jugular political posts will probably dwindle.  But no punches will be pulled when they happen.  And here’s why:  an important Insty post on progressive tolerance, and another from … Continue reading

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Divide and conquer, tra la la.

Anything to get those 270 votes! Very busy workday.  Did get a chance to read a bit about the RNC and whatnot.  The thing that stuck with me most is reading is…man, Chris Matthews really doesn’t like black people.  That’s … Continue reading

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Thanks for the kind words, apologies for the tardy approvals.

Thanks for the well-wishes on this sleeping problem.  And for the two new commenters I only now noticed, Sully Augustine and daialanyeDai Alanye, sorry for the delay.

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Wow, progressive religion is like the worst thing ever.

(UPDATE—Should have mentioned that there was no need for Isaac to actually hit New Orleans, bless their hearts.  Hopes and prayers to everyone beneath the abnormally high sea level.) As a terrible person, I can’t really feel sorry for leftists.  But … Continue reading

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A sleepless night.

It’s quite possible that I just spent eight hours in bed without getting one minute’s sleep.  It was horrible.  So horrible, in fact, that around 4 AM I remembered, in desperation, how to pray. So that’s pretty much all I … Continue reading

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Obama is going to help black students…

…by holding them to lower standards.  Sure, what could go wrong? Requiring equal discipline outcomes as the president desires would punish good  behavior by white, Asian, and Latino students and reward bad behavior by black  students. Black students have more behavorial … Continue reading

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Bless your heart, Peggy Noonan.

She IS a good writer.  But the fact remains:  she’s never used that talent to explain how Obama fooled her in the first place. Well, Pegs?  It’s not that McCain would have been a good President.  But he’d have been … Continue reading

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Why murder should always carry the harshest punishment.

Should convicted abusers of children under the age of 13 get a mandatory life sentence?  Apparently that proposal passed 83-12 and 31-8 in the Virginia House and Senate.  Does that seem like a good idea to you? Not to me.  … Continue reading

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Don’t think!

Jonah Goldberg is having a captioning contest here.  It’s of that new yet already classic Obama photo: Maybe you guys can come up with something, but it’s too late for me.  I am mentally paralyzed because of what instantly sprang into my head:

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