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Can I interest you in some gratuitous surgery?

Leftists aren’t going to stop beating ridiculous drums like, “limited government people are anti-government fanatics”.  Then otherwise intelligent people address the endless progressive racket.  To what end?  Talking with a leftist is like arguing with a zombie; explaining things to … Continue reading

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Obama/Romney Irish Stand Down!

Do you know what an “Irish Stand Down” is?  It’s a bare-knuckled fistfight without all the wussy ducking and dodging and weaving.  I punch you, you punch me, punch punch punch ad nauseum until one of us is knocked out … Continue reading

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Have been worn out so far this week.  We’ve been very busy, including work in one of our few highly contaminated areas. Plus I haven’t been following the news demagoguery, either.  Haven’t forgotten I have a blog, just don’t want to dump text on … Continue reading

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Whedon jumps the Megalodon.

The bigger they are, the bigger the shark-jumping.  Joss Whedon has done excellent shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.  He had a terrific run on the X-men comic book.  He deserves his critical acclaim and cult following.  But only in … Continue reading

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“Lie to Me” about the Bible, baby.

The show “Lie to Me” desperately wants…expects…to be taken seriously.  And why not?  It proved its worth with a single line.  While investigating a pseudo-Christian cult, the lady psychologist said its leader thought of himself like, “…Buddha and other Biblical … Continue reading

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Everything is taxing.

Every activity taxes your limited time, energy, even good will.  And now, thanks to SCOTUS, your inactivity is taxable too.  Both everything and nothing now have government costs.  This excellent column describes how sane people deal with their ever-mounting government … Continue reading

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A diet rich in irony.

Rebuttal:  big cities are what make people crazy. Here’s the rebuttee. Citing the work of economist Erzo F. P. Luttmer, who found that support for redistributionist policies was greater among those who live near poor people of the same race, … Continue reading

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How many children has Robert Gibbs molested?

No one knows.

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Just pining for the fjords.

Sorry for not being here for you.  But it’s better than you getting regaled with my latest  Numb3ers viewing.  Just because I’m numbing myself from current events doesn’t mean you should suffer.

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This is why the West is doomed.

Why does the Left fear constitutional federalism so much? I am a little confused by Pam’s assumption that constitutionally protected federalism is a gun aimed at the Left. Meaning you are totally ignorant of what’s going on. …why does she … Continue reading

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