Mike Bloomberg wants more women to be raped and murdered.

My name is wormme and I approve this political message:  Mayor Bloomberg needs to be shot in the buttocks with no less than a .22 caliber firearm.  Quote me.

Don’t worry, it’s an easier shot than you’d expect on such a cringing little shrimp.  It’s because he’s a complete a-hole.  And though I won’t be shooting him myself, I do promise to bitch-slap Mikey if he ever dares get within arms’ length.

What’s he done this time?  You have to read it to believe it.

“I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say, we’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you. Unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.”

Because only cops should have guns.  Cops, like the ones already protecting Hizzoner and other important people.  You know.  Totally trustworthy cops.

A 17-year NYPD veteran assigned to Mayor Bloomberg’s security detail was charged yesterday in the shooting of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

Ladies, Mike Bloomberg wants to disarm you.  He doesn’t want you protecting yourself from burly rapists.  He doesn’t want you able to protect yourself.  He wants you dependent on his perfect police force.  Police that are always instantly present wherever needed.  A police force that, apparently, even ignores “innocent until proven guilty” to ensure that predators never strike against the innocent.

I really, really want to beat the sanctimonious snot out of Bloomberg.  That he prances around with an ass unkicked and unshot is the Big Apple’s shame.  You truly suck, NY City.

But one good thing may come of this.  I’m so mad right now that I might…might…get off my own buttocks and purchase my first serious firearm.  I leaned toward this one, which so-workers say is an excellent bargain.

So thanks, Mikey, for convincing me to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.  And don’t worry, Bloombitch, I don‘t expect cops to protect me from home invaders.

Just to haul out their riddled remains.

About wormme

I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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