Gun crazy.

Been blogging way too much lately.  So rather than keep burying you guys under all that prose, I went ahead and purchased Guild Wars 2.  But it doesn’t start until August 28th (or possibly the 25th for early buyers), so for now I’ll keep wearing you out with my torrid writing.

As to the Aurora shooting, media responses are getting simultaneously better and worse than in previous atrocities.  This is due, of course, to the Mainstream Media’s fragmentation into Lying Leftists and Everybody Else.

The Left’s current poster children are Stephy and Ross.  They are perfect examples of the West’s ongoing moral and mental decay.  Walter Cronkite was a sanctimonious moron, but can you imagine him straining to connect Charles Manson to Richard Nixon in the absence of any connection? 

But here’s modern, typical progressive “thinking”:

(Yet another reminder of why to avoid leftists if you’re not prepared to simply beat them up.)

But, on the other hand, non-Left commenters are showing understanding and wisdom.  Victor Davis Hanson gets it exactly right.

Tonight, I wish to know nothing about him other than the information necessary to try, convict, and punish him.

Amen, brother.  We want to minimize spree murders?  Minimize their incentive!  Some want to live, some want to die, but all of them want to be stars.  They crave infamy, notoriety.  Fame.

Unfortunately, moral adults don’t control the media.  They’re not even a big plurality.  So while the usual suspects will keep profiteering from evil, the usual idiots will keep calling for gun control.

When r we gonna get guns removed in this country?!

When they’re illegal, Johnny-boy.  Obviously, right?!  They’ll go “poof” like American drugs, prostitution, and gambling did.  They’ll disappear like alcohol did during Prohibition.

I wonder who’ll be the Al Capone of spree-killers in that gun-free utopia.

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