Can I interest you in some gratuitous surgery?

Leftists aren’t going to stop beating ridiculous drums like, “limited government people are anti-government fanatics”.  Then otherwise intelligent people address the endless progressive racket.  To what end?  Talking with a leftist is like arguing with a zombie; explaining things to allies is like rearranging patio furniture as zombies advance.

Nope, explanations should be only for innocents who don’t recognize Progressive Undead for what they are.  If such innocents asked if I am “anti-government”, I’d inquire if they are “anti-surgery”.

THEM:  “Of course not!  An operation saved my father’s life!”

ME:  “So surgery is appropriate for headaches, colds, acne, influenza, and head lice?”

THEM:  “Are you insane?  Surgery is very dangerous!  It’s only appropriate when there’s no other way.”

ME:  “And now you know my opinion about government.”

You can’t perform an effective operation without harming healthy tissue.  Think about it.  Unless the cut is made outsideof the diseased area, affliction will remain inside.  Likewise, it is impossible for effective government to be harmless.  Innocent citizens will be damaged by the exercise of law and power.

So when it comes to more government, your correct response is the reaction you have when doctors offer to cut apart your loved ones.

YOU:  “Seriously?  Talk me through this.  You’ve explored every option and there’s no other way?  And I’m going to need a second opinion—“

DOC:  “Anti-surgery bigot!  You’re planning to blow up this hospital, aren’t you, monster?!”

Federal government is only permissible for dangers that threaten the entire Body Politic.  All of it.  If something doesn’t threaten the nation’s very existence, federal government is like a gratuitous heart transplant.

Now, as you drop down from state to county to town to cul-de-sac levels of government, you can have all the unnecessary surgery you want.  As long as “patients” are free to move away, “medical procedures” can become laughably gratuitous and cosmetic.  You can go Amish, you can go San Fran bathhouse, or (please!) somewhere in between.

Otherwise, federal government should be just as desirable as invasive surgery.  And for the same exact reason.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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