“Lie to Me” about the Bible, baby.

The show “Lie to Me” desperately wants…expects…to be taken seriously.  And why not?  It proved its worth with a single line.  While investigating a pseudo-Christian cult, the lady psychologist said its leader thought of himself like,

“…Buddha and other Biblical figures…”

C’mon, isn’t that great?  I actually Chuckled Out Loud.  (And yes; aware of my manifold hearing problems, I replayed the scene just to make sure.  Take it to the bank, Buddha was a Jewish Christian.)

Lie to Me gets a 7.8 at imdb.com and 4 ½ stars on Netflix.  It’s expertly acted and written but not, obviously, well-written.  I’m pretty sure you can guess its political bias.  It really, really hates Dick Chaney and Sarah Palin.  It has mocked the existence of Saddam’s WMDs repeatedly, so obviously the Marsh Arabs farted themselves to death.  And who are we to argue with the testimony of Saint Siddhārtha Gautama?

Oh well.  Maybe Tim Roth is a whiny little leftist bitch, but he’s still a compelling performer.  As long as he doesn’t publicly go Baldwin/Damon/Penn on us, I’m happy to watch.

And it’s enjoyable having gone straight from Numb3rs to Lie to Me.  From math genius Charlie Epps to socio-savant Cal Lighthouse.  A digital detective and an analog analyst.  They’d make an unstoppable crime-fighting duo.

Ooh, oooh, like that time Moses parted the Ganges and then Buddha clobbered the Pharaoh with his magic sitar.*


*Mahapadana Sutta 3:16

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2 Responses to “Lie to Me” about the Bible, baby.

  1. Xpat says:

    Well, maybe they give altar calls as they sing that immortal church hymn In a Gadda Da Vida

    I just had a similar experience of jaw dropping religious ignorance with this college humor clip:

    The premise is that intolerant Southern Christians want to ban skateboarding because it’s unbiblical. (?!?) So, there’s this courtroom scene that’s sort of To Kill a Mockingbird meets the Scopes trial or something. Though there’s a jury, the judge pronounces the skateboarder guilty. (!?!) One of the jurors is some kind of Southern Baptist lady. She cites some bogus verse of Revelation, as she crosses herself. (?!?!?)

    College Humor has been slipping a lot. Maybe it’s because they don’t get the biggest college joke these days, which is college itself.

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