This is why the West is doomed.

Why does the Left fear constitutional federalism so much?

I am a little confused by Pam’s assumption that constitutionally protected federalism is a gun aimed at the Left.

Meaning you are totally ignorant of what’s going on.

…why does she seem so dead-set against some constitutional constraints on what Congress can do?

Because free people are wealthier and happier than people whose lives are controlled by others, and everyone can see it.


You might as well ask why the Soviets put a fence around East Germany.  You might as well ask that because the answer is exactly the same.  BECAUSE OTHERWISE GOOD PEOPLE AVOID LEFTISTS AND SOVIETS.  Undecided people will see the difference between free states and totalitarian states, and generally be more wise than Rick Hills.

Geez.  Is it brain science, this simple concept?  Rocket surgery?  No it is not.  And it’s why I’ve given up.  It’s not because we can’t kick these tyrants’ asses.  But apparently even the best and brightest have no idea what’s going on, meaning we can’t kick these tyrants’ asses.

Dammit, Rick Hills, THE LEFT INSISTS ON CONTROL FOR THE SAME REASON SOVIETS INSISTED ON FENCES.  To keep victims in.  Am I being unclear?

I’m so, so, so, so sick of this.  This is exactly why the blogging is drying up.  Because screw being a Cassandra.  The whole damn Western world can keep scratching its head in confusion for all I care.

It won’t last much longer.

UPDATE:  Please don’t think my every moment is bitter.  The worse things get, the better IowaCare gets.

(To enjoy the craziness you’ll need to 1) read the article; 2) possess the science geek gene.)

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3 Responses to This is why the West is doomed.

  1. Edohiguma says:

    It’s funny how quick people forget. But also scary. I would understand if this was just an American issue. Most Americans have never seen the Iron Curtain. They’ve never seen people fleeing from the other side (and everybody always tried to get out, risking their lives, nobody ever tried to get in, and on the German-German border alone more than 1,000 people were murdered trying to get out.)

    This is also a European problem. You’d think German and Austrian people would understand, considering that we had that Iron Curtain practically on our doorstep. Nope, not happening. The whole left wing “blame the rich” bs is pretty common here too. Recently I saw a small stand on campus with a few morons loitering around “The rich must pay!” and “Capitalism has failed!” Their answer is, of course, socialism.

    In Eastern Europe it’s not so much an issue. There people still remember the horrors.

    Hungary, for example, passed a law that put denying socialist crimes pretty much en par with denying nazi crimes. Hungary also ended up with a very right wing government after elections and, of course, the EU got involved, cause the EU only likes elections if they bring the results they want.

    Similar happened to Austria more than 10 years ago. We had elections that ended in the coalition of the People’s Party (conservatives) and the Freedom Party (right wing, so the media says.) The results were not only weekly protests against it right here in Vienna, but also EU sanctions, even leading to left wing politicians in Austria calling for EU and UN observers at the next elections.

    And we’re still in the EU.

    The only thing that really describes this is: WTF?!

  2. waytoomanydaves says:

    David Burge (IowaHawk) is a genius. I really wish he was more prolific.

  3. unpoliticallycorrectguy says:

    Lets not even mention the stupid left in Europe (no offense to the intelligent ones) at every corner trying to accommodate Islamic radicals at the expense of free speech and endless apologism.

    Have they lost their minds?

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