J.R. went “left”; he won’t be turning back.

This is the big John Roberts back-backlash to the teeny backlash to my reflexive big lash.

The instincts were right.  It turns out that John Roberts is a pitiful little man-child who just wants to be liked by all the pretty people.  And now they’re gushing about him, while freedom-loving Americans are appalled by his betrayal.

Hell, Justice Anthony Kennedy is appalled.

So how will J.R. judge rule in future cases?  Every single precedent says that turning to the Dark Side is permanent.  Yes, Kennedy opposes Infinite Tax Power.  But that’s the historical outlier; if he suddenly becomes a champion of individual liberty, he’ll be the first Justice to go right.  Meanwhile John Roberts’ need for lurv remains.  The Left let him know that if he didn’t do what they wanted he couldn’t sit with them at lunch anymore.  OMG…ostracized!  Then all he’d have would be a loving family and guaranteed career and the respect of non-Leftist peers and citizens.

Easy choice, right?

But at least this won’t happen again.  The statists know he’s vulnerable to social pressure now, so they’ll stop doing it.  Because nothing deters extortionists like success.  Good thing that either Barack or Mitt will be appointing the next few judges, eh?

My nominees:  Justices Canned Food and Shotguns.

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I've accepted that all of you are socially superior to me. But no pretending that any of you are rational.
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